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Hello. For a bit now I've been keeping a public collection of Greenlight games mentioned or talked about by the Giant Bomb staff. Most of them are pulled from Worth Reading, Spookin' with Scoops, and Unprofessional Fridays. The goal is to keep an easy list of games to check out if you follow Giant Bomb.

The list has gotten pretty popular on Greenlight so I'm trying to keep it current. I could use some assistance though.


Do you know of a game which has been played or discussed by the Giant Bomb staff, which I don't have listed here? Whether or not it has been greenlit doesn't matter. The collection holds both (with games still needing votes at the top of the list). I'm sure I've missed some along the way.

Any help is appreciated.

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Reef Shot.and Evoland have both been quick-looked.

Dragon's Lair has been talked about on many occasions, and probably quick-looked at some point in the past.

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The Novelist! Patrick both wrote a lengthy article as well as recorded an interview dumptruck on the thing. And I really hope it gets greenlit, as it seems like one of the more deserving entries. Apparently it's currently in the top 25 voted games on Greenlight, so let's make it happen, guys.

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Cool, added those.

Thanks, guys!