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Has a subtitling effort ever been attempted for Giant Bomb's videos? Definitely let me know if it has, but I know there are a lot of hearing-impaired gamers out there and I'd lose a big part of my daily life if I ever lost my hearing and couldn't listen to Giant Bomb anymore. It seems simple enough to make .srt files. I don't know where I'd host them, but that can be figured out later. Anyone else wanna help me do this, assuming it's not already been done?

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I could'a sworn that someone had asked this quite some time ago, but I don't remember correctly and I don't remember what his response was.

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@believer258: Okay, thanks.

I usually get bored with big projects like this, but it includes watching Giant Bomb videos, so this one might last a little longer. Hopeful!

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I seem to recall that somebody started subtitling the Persona 4 ER some time ago... dunno if he ever finished the project.

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I want them to be color-coded like in the Gaki no Tsukai videos.

Jeff - Blue

Ryan - Red

Brad - Orange

Vinny - White with Black Outline

Drew - Yellow

Patrick - Purple

Alex - Green

Rorie - Wingdings Font

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Turn your volume up extra loud.

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I can already tell that subtitling Brad is going to be hilarious. I'm not sure I can fully capture his excitement and surprise for everything through text, but I'm willing to try.

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@eccentrix: @believer258: I think that original post may have been mine. I asked if others were willing to help Subtitle the P4 or Deadly Premonition endurance run, as my Wife is deaf but is still a large GB fan. (you'd be surprised how much goofiness is relayed in body language on the live shows, but she gets nothing out of Quick Looks or the ER, which is a travesty)

Unfortunately, the amount of time it takes to sync subtitles was like 10-20x the length of the clip, so it became a impossible task for me to pursue. Tthe awesome @mcubed did a subtitle file for a 15 minute clip, taking about 6+ hours, if I remember right, which matched the time it was taking me on other attempts as well.

I would love if someone took up the chalice on this. Aegisub, VisualSubSync, and Subtitle Workshop are all great tools to attempt this.

I'm betting if someone was dedicating time to doing this regularly, that 10x-20x time requirement would probably dwindle, but who knows.

Edit: It also just occured to me that you could rip the terrible auto-captionining from the youtube versions of videos, then use the above tools to go in and recolor the captions, and correct the terrible voice detection. The hardest part (synching with the audio) would be done for you already. I can't remember if the auto-caption was live at the time when I originally made that thread or not, but that's definitely something worth looking into: https://code.google.com/p/youtube-subtitles-download/ (Updated link, Google2SRT does not do the automatic ones)

Double Edit: the above solution appears to not be valid. I think the Endurance Run videos are too long so Youtube doesn't do the automatic captions. :(

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@eujin: I'm working on a recent mailbag as a test and I feel like my first minute took about an hour. I enjoy the work, though, and I'll improve as I go. I feel like with other people helping out, our speed of progress wouldn't be too bad. I'm glad I found an audience for this so quickly; it should help me keep it up. Let me know what your wife thinks when I've completed a few!

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@eccentrix: So I started digging, and there may be a way to use Speech Recognition to convert subtitles. http://home.gna.org/gaupol/index.html <-- the Windows version of this (0.19.1) can use a plugin called pocketsphinx along with one called gstreamer to show the video as you go.

Unfortunately, I have no idea how to deal with it as it is a native linux app, so you have to use the Python based WIndows compiled versions of the 2 plugins, which I can't seem to get to work.

If you can get it to work, it'll still give you the timestamps at least (and probably a bunch of nonsense text, but maybe some good lines). Hopefully someone who's better with that kind of code than I can chime in with how to get it working.

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I never realized how tough it was to subtitle stuff. I'm guessing there are full-time companies that do movies and such? I would have thought they would have automated stuff by now.

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@subyman said:

I never realized how tough it was to subtitle stuff. I'm guessing there are full-time companies that do movies and such? I would have thought they would have automated stuff by now.

They'll have access to the scripts which makes the process much easier. Unfortunately I don't think Jeff will let the scripts get out there for their quick looks and things as they want to keep up the illusion that they don't use any!

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@eujin: Thanks! Most of my time actually seems to be typing out the formatting, so some automation of the code is what would really help.

I hope this'll surface some of the great lines people might have missed the first time around.

Jeff: "Twine is the world music of wrapping materials."