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Okay, I did manage to get the last boss (the last one on normal), but I kinda didn't figure out how to reliably beat the second boss yet. I figured I have to load up the jump by pressing down but it seems I don't have enough time for that. Anyone can tell me the trick?

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Omfg I just realized I have to only time my jumps. I'm now like 2 hours in and starting to get the hang of it. I really start liking the game :).

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You can also wall jump off the door.

EDIT: I am dumb and found out earlier the right way to do it is to super jump over him.

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Well as I wrote you can just double jump over him. Super jump is when you press down and I think it takes too much time to pull off.

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been trying for awhile. the double jump timing is a bit ridiculous IMO.

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Super jumping works the best. When you first enter the room, hold down to charge it up, and jump over him (you can even double jump after the sj if you do it too early), and get to the center of the room. Then just keep super jumping over him without leaving the middle. His momentum will carry him to the edge and allow you to get at least 3 or 4 hits with a ranged sub weapon every pass.

The charge time for it is super fast. If anybody has issues with it, it's probably because you're under the spikes. There needs to be a certain number of empty spaces above you in order to even do a SJ.

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The charge time for it is super fast. If anybody has issues with it, it's probably because you're under the spikes. There needs to be a certain number of empty spaces above you in order to even do a SJ.

Oh! That explains it. SJ seemed to randomly not work for me on occasion and I couldn't figure out why.

The timing for regular double jumping this boss isn't that strict, it's just a matter of deceptive spacing. If you start jumping way earlier than it looks like you need to, you'll double jump over him without any problems. Just do a rapid double tap on the jump button, no special timing required -i'm assuming you're not a crazy person using up direction input as jump >_<.

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For this boss and for pretty much every boss I recommend the down attack/spin attack. It does tons of damage to bosses. If you get the double-jump timing down Torment becomes really easy coupled with the spin attack, though I usually do the super jump because I can do that a lot more consistently.

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My pro-tip for bosses is the un-upgraded boomerang. If you're at the right range, it can strike a boss repeatedly. It's FANTASTIC for defeating Doom quickly.

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How do I damage the white ninja boss? The otheres are np for me atm. I didn't try too often prolly I figure it out with some more goes, but so far I have been too stupid. Productive thread though with a surprising lack of LTP ;).

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@ectoplasma: He's vulnerable when he stops to do a special attack.

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I believe he can also only be damaged with your primary weapon (or your falling slash attack.)

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Fastest way I have found to dispatch one armed ninja guy is to single jump/downslash over him when in vulnerable state, then follow that up with a regular ground slash immediately when you land behind him. The spacing is a bit more forgiving on this if you use the whip.

This game is an absolute joy to speedrun. Everything feels tuned to reward blazing through as fast as possible. Rage mode granting invincibility for its duration, especially. If you get favourable layout on the random level generator, it is feasible to clear entire sections without ever running out of rage meter. Tricky, of course, but feasible.

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You can also hit him twice with the downstab if you angle it right, taking off 6 points of damage instead of 3.

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@morbid_coffee: and a third time with boomerang as you land if you space it juuuust right.