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and it is a great game, however, Mario's rescuing of Princess Peach is somewhat diminished by being half her size if he is mini Mario and you suck at the game like I do! lol thoughts?

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Mario's rescuing of Princess Peach is somewhat "diminished" (does that word really fit there?) by him doing it more times than one could count.

I mean, seriously, she must make some damn good cake.

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You trying to say that short people can't be heroes, dude? That's discrimination!

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OP probrably is not familiar with the Mario series? This has always been the case. Mario is a leg man.

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Still a better love story than Twilight.

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You are a half-minute hero.

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After just beating the Special World, I can confidently say that this is the best 3D Mario game. The Galaxy series was really good, but I didn't have any desire to keep playing to collect all the stars. This game I actually got all the Star Coins and everything.

Best 2D Mario: Super Mario World

Best 3D Mario: Super Mario 3D Land

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Also very late to the party after getting this with Nintendo's free game deal, but this game is amazing. Up there with the Galaxy games and Mario 64, easily better than the derivative NSMB games. First 6 or so worlds are fun and fairly easy, the last couple get challenging, and then they pull out all the stops for the special worlds. Cosmic Mario chasing you and taking you out if you stop moving, low timer you have to refill by constantly getting time bonuses, extremely difficult platforming, well-hidden star coins, etc. Glad to see Nintendo has a team that still knows what they're doing with Mario.