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Bow down to your new overlord

>(^O.O^)< KITTY BOWSER >(^o.o^)<

I probably should have seen it coming a mile away, but man, when that kitty bell hit Bowser's collar I was like "HOLY SHIT!!!!"...and then it got even crazier, because Kitty Bowser got his hands on a Clone Cherry! That's right, as if one Kitty Bowser wasn't enough, there were multiple Kitty Bowsers!!!

This stuff just left me absolutely beaming. I had a big smile on my face right through this level and the end credits.

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This is pretty awesome, but Jeff was so right about internet cats.

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I got a laugh out of it when I seen it. Everything about this game is so damn good.

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I loved the part when the camera would not pan to the next area of the stairs and I would still get hit by his attacks....

That aside, yeah it was awesome. Bowser looked awesome as a cat and the whole final level looked stunning. Good stuff nintendo.

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This is truly one of the greatest moments in a Mario game ever.

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I'm with you with the concept, "hell yeah, cat Bowser!" but playing that boss was terrible, and a terrible way to finish that game, and I'm so bummed that I missed some stars on that stage so I actually have to go back and play it more.

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I liked it. I loved that Bowser got all cat-ified, but the stage itself was a little underwhelming and far easier than I'd have expected seeing as that last world had some really, really tricky stages. I thought the giant POW block to beat him was great though.

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Oh man my roommate and I were laughing so hard at kitty bowser, what a great game.

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..... I need a Wii U

I don't know, ending of Mario Galaxy 1 where Bowser ends quoting Richard the 3rd was probably the highest moments in any of the Mario series.

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This might be the worst thing to ever happen to Mario.

Or maybe my hearts just gone dead I'm not sure.

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Oh man, I want to play this game now. Be right back, have to go get a Wii U

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That boss battle was so epic and hilarious. I loved it.

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That picture almost made me buy a Wii U, almost

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This might be the worst thing to ever happen to Mario.

Or maybe my hearts just gone dead I'm not sure.

Pretty sure you're dead on the inside.

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Whenever I hear about cats on the internet I remember this bit from Jon Stewart.

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