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Poll: Super Mario 3 vs Super Mario World (73 votes)

Super Mario 3 is better 37%
Super Mario World is better 63%

We all know that their's only one true answer to this question. Don't be an idiot and say the wrong one. I'd expend upon that idea, but I don't want to "poison the well," as it were.

Besides, we all know that Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island is the best Mario game of all time. But aside from that, what's the next best in the series?

And seriously, Yoshi's Island was awesome. Really.

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Dang poll not letting me change a typo in my post. If only I had a Hammer Bros suit, I would smash that error to pieces.

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Yoshi island sucks! What you guys going to do about it ? !

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Yoshi's Island is...... not great. :x

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Yo fuck Yoshi! And yo fuck his island!

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World has a land of donuts.

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Both great, but I have to go with World.

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Gotta go with 3

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For the purposes of this poll, I would go with Super Mario World. I remember that game amazing me when I played it, and it continually came up with new mechanics, power-ups and worlds to keep the game fresh. I know 3 did the same thing, really, but Super Mario World just perfected it. At least to me.

But the secret best Mario game is Super Mario Bros. 2. I just wanted that on the record.

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Super Mario 3D World. SUCK ON THAT.

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Its always been Super Mario Bros. 3! Here just some of the many reasons....

-Giant world

-Frog Suit


-Breakable stone in the game world.

-Toads mini-games.

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I think World is better but Mario 3 for when it came out was pretty insane. Very impressive.

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Mario Land 2 is better.

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Where's the other motherfucker?

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Many will die fighting this war.

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I love 3, but I don't get how anyone could say it's better. Mario World is just Mario 3 supercharged.

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@claude said:

Where's the other motherfucker?

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I loved both growing up but I have to go with 3 because it had a hell of a lot more charm.

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It's the same argument as Zelda 1 vs Link to the Past, or Metroid vs Super Metroid: the SNES games have had several incremental improvements and look better, but are really just standing on the shoulders of pioneering giants.

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@mento said:

It's the same argument as Zelda 1 vs Link to the Past, or Metroid vs Super Metroid

Except in those cases, it's very clear which one's better. Then again, the same could be said for this.

Link to the Past, Super Metroid, Super Mario Bros. 3.

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Super Mario Galaxy is the real answer.

I love them both an awful lot! But 3 is dearer to my heart. I think it was my first video game I ever really played, actually. I can beat SMW in 14 minutes, so that's something.

EDIT: Oh man, you people. I like Yoshi's Island a lot more than Super Mario World. I made a top ten list a while ago of SNES games and SMW didn't even make it on there.

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I have the fonder memories for Mario 3, but I believe that Mario World is the better game. The levels were not as bite-sized. There was more reward to exploring the levels because of hidden paths and secrets. There was more variety to the level design. I preferred the difficulty curve of World to Three. The animation and art style is vastly superior. Yoshi. There is a larger variety of enemies to learn about. I prefer the music on a SNES to the music output by an NES.