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Why not?

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This goes deeper, as you alluded to and we can see from the edit history, the user Pikointeractive who made these edits has acquired the rights to this game(I wont link to his site, but it's available on wikipedia), this was ultimately about self promotion, in which case he succeeded. The other edits he has made have also involved adding a game to the wiki for a reproduction 4 in 1 cart that will run on snes...

of course by bringing this up I have only spread more information on Pikointeractive, what ever it may be... It's amazing how bored I get at 1 am

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I can't find any info on a re-released version of Super Noah's Ark...

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It's up in his store, a reproduction cart, looks like it will run about 65$ to get it complete with a box, I wouldn't recommend buying it though...

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Follow the money....

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Follow the money....

clearly this is a clue to their GOTY festivities....

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tis the season.

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I can easily think of 10 animals on Noah's ark better than Brothers.

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Wups, I didn't think I would cause any trouble by making the changes Didn't know that it would go to the first page or something. Just trying to update the wiki of the game.

We've acquired rights for a whole lot more games not only Super Noah's Ark. They are not reproduction carts, they are unlicensed.

I'm sorry if I caused any inconvenience!

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I'm sorry if it came across that way, I was just investigating from a boredom perspective really, I wish you and your company nothing but the best, it's important to preserve games from the past, I think it's admirable that you pursued official channels to obtain license for this game, we see so often some people take it upon themselves to do well meaning fan projects that are at conflict with the IP holders. Hope to see ya take an active role here at Giant Bomb, we have a great community.

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