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havent played in awhile and just came back to it but im having a brain fart here. How do i use the blasted artes with my left stick? like i have one set up to move left stick left or right but if i do my char just moves back or forward. the ones set up to up and down wont work and cant seem to remember what im missing here.

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Artes are generally set to your right stick as shortcuts. When on your left stick, you hit that direction in combination with the arte button (I think it's circle?) to trigger them.

Artes are generally activated by, I believe:

  • hitting circle (or whatever) for the neutral left stick arte
  • Left Stick direction + Circle
  • Right Stick direction
  • Modifier + Right Stick direction. (you get pages of modified arte lists as you progress through the game and unlock them)

Remember, the left stick is your movement in combat. On the default setting that means movement towards or away from your currently selected enemy (or holding a modifier it becomes free roaming movement). That is why you keep moving when you just hit left stick directions without also hitting the arte button.

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awwww ic i figured it out have to hit it same time as your o button. thx for the quick reply!