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RPS and Eurogamer brought this up, looks really cool. So many surreal artist nods (which I mention in the wiki).

I love the idea of collecting words while eavesdropping on people and throwing them back or using as distractions. So many cool gameplay possibilities, maybe similar to what we saw in the latter part of Alan Wake and the DLCs.

Their Youtube has a new development blog, too.

Tangiers Game Website

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Sounds neat, but I fear that it'll be 2indie4me.

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Fantastic art style. Looking forward to seeing some more of this.

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Sounds neat, but I fear that it'll be 2indie4me.

Bro, I'm going to sneak on you and throw your words back at you! That's how it's done in the surreal hood, yo!

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Love the style, love the concept, I'll be watching this one.

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I'd support anything with the Tangiers title by default.

But this looks very interesting.

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A lot more gameplay footage. Looks so cool. I think arachnophobes might not like when he crouches :P

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Didn't get a noir vibe from it, more dark and creepy, still looks cool though.

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It has a Kickstarter now, and here's some new footage of landscapes that looks jaw-dropping:

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It's funded, yo!