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I was surprised to see that the latest Spiderman game is $10 less than the standard price of games from Activision. I loved the previous Beenox developed Spiderman games (except Edge of Time) but I'm worried that the lower price is an indication that this one will be a step back in quality. Anyone hear anything about why?

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I wouldn't say so. Last gen there was Banjo-Kazooie Nuts and Bolts and Viva Pinata at 10 bucks less than normal and both those games were very good. Also, I bet this will be more of the same when it comes to Spider-Man games, so it's very possible you'll enjoy if you enjoyed those other games.

I think that having some retail games selling for 10 bucks less is a good thing. It lessens the gap between the $10-$15 indie and the $60 AAA games. And some of those Mid-teir games can be pleasant surprises.

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The name itself is indications of poor quality.

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I think the fact that they (probably) canceled the Xbox One version of the game means that they've been having troubles with it, so yeah, probably.

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The last one was alright. I'm expecting the same quality.

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I think the trailers have done a fine job of showcasing that this is of poor quality.

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I think the trailers have done a fine job of showcasing that this is of poor quality.

Non linear missions and physics based swinging. Dunno, that walkthrough kinda hit the right tones with me.

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Well, Sony Pictures does have the movie rights, they could be working with SCEA and Activision on cross promotion to sell the game below what other summer games would cost to PROMOTE the movie and boost game sales. Sony used to sell their games $10 less than game by other publishers in the PSX and PS2 era.

Or...the game could be not so great. But, really given megacorp connection it could be all sorts of reasons combined that benefit everyone.

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I think non linear missions only can be a step down, you loose some refinement with that. A mix would be better.

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I'm suspicious. Plus it is being based on a movie. That's not good my friends..................

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Well it's a Beenox game after all.

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Not Gonna bother with it, the Only good movie game was,funnily enough, Wolverine Origins( which basically walked all over the terrible movie) and spider-man 2.

Until the release a normal spider-man game where it won't be tied to a movie, I won't get it.

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The last one was alright. I'm expecting the same quality.

Doesn't mean you're going to get it.

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I didn't like the movie too much. I thought it kinda sucked and found it to be boring. As for the game I'm kinda on the fence about dropping 50 bones on it, but well see.

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I'm sure this one will be kinda okay just like the last one.

But yeah, usually when a game like this is not 60 dollars it's a hint that it might not be too good. Kinda sad how often this turns out to be the case.

But hey, at least it doesn't have " THE GAME " anywhere on the case!

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I dunno, it looked okay. Then again, I thought the last one was pretty good too. If they took this engine, and made a game that wasn't related to the movies, it would make an amazing game. I mean the last TRULY amazing Spider-Man game I played was Ultimate Spider-man.

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I'd pay $60 for an HD remake of Spider-Man 2 from the PS2/Xbox Era. That game was fucking sweet. Devs should look at that as their blueprint when making future titles...

As for this? Eh, I've seen one webswinging walk through that looked kind of cool, but I haven't seen much more. I expect it to be a slightly different version of the first beenox game, which wasn't great if I recall

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No, Banjo and 3D Dot Game Heroes were the same way last gen, and generally well liked.

It being a Spider-Man game doesn't help though.

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The tale of Activision Value needs to be told in a book.

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@bigjeffrey: yeah....the spiderman games have never been very good imo

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The Virtual Boy was released at a pricepoint of $180.00.

Indication of poor quality?

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But...the web swinging in Spider-Man 2 you guys... :(

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Hard to say. Beenox has made some decent spider-man games (Shattered Dimensions) and some not so good ones (Edge of time). The issues they've had with the Xbox One version probably indicates they possibly may have some problems with the engine. I'd wait and see some coverage on it before I make a final judgement though.

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I just rented the ps3 version. It looks absolutely terrible.

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Obviously the series hasn't done well in the past but that doesn't mean you should completely judge this game before it releases. All we know is it's less. Could be trying to provide a low price to try to repair past mistakes. Or they are trying to just sell pre-orders and they don't want you to see it before you buy.

The safest way is obvious. Let the gb crew handle showing it off.

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If only we could have the Arkham series of Spider-man games.

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I played it for a few hours and it's awful. The menus look like something out of a PS1 game, the graphics are honestly worse than I can describe, and the story is just the first and second movies kind of stitched together with extra nonsense thrown in. I liked the first one and this is a big let down.