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This is easily one of my fav games this generation. So atmospheric, so great looking, so sad and moving. Second game doesn't even come close.

If it only would come to pc... I want to get rid of my 360 but I can't because of that game. Just bring it to pc in any form. Even without mouse support, whatever ! Let this game preveil

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Yep, The Darkness is an excellent, excellent game. There are some levels that have a slightly wonky layout I think and some of Hell sections weren't as strong as the rest of the game - but yeah, it was mindblowing at the time.

Basically right from the get go you know you are in a special game. The really intense First Person perspective is something I wish all FPS games would adapt, and the world building in the game (walking around the subway, watching TV with your girlfriend) is really unique (unfortunately).

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I had some really weird issues with the controls of this game which prevented me from getting too into it on the gamepad so I would do with some mouse&keyboarding.

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This isn't on PC? That's a real shame. Very good game

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Yeah I figured this would have been on PC already. It should be.

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It was alright, I liked the comics when I was a kid and this was an interesting reinterpretation of them, and goddamn did the World War 1 dark world was creepy as fuck. But to be honest, the game had some issues with the way it played, and the sequel not only fixed those issues, but vastly improved them, so at least the PC has the awesome sequel. Hopefully they'll make a third one where you fight the Angelus.

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I'd definitely buy a PC port of Darkness 1.

2 was a great game, but it never hit the emotional highs of the first. I'll never forget the legitimate anger (in a good way) I felt during that scene (is it really a spoiler to say what scene? Eh, you know which one I mean), and it made every kill extremely satisfying. The second game was viscerally satisfying, but after a while they were just blood bags with guns. Again, fantastic game, just not as memorable as the original.