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The Steam forums are a steaming pile at the moment with this game. I find it really weird that people don't comprehend what early access means.

Has anyone played The Forest? What did you think? I am interested in purchasing the game as long as there aren't any game breaking bugs. (Yes, I know - I am not complaining about the bugs, but if they are there and it keeps people from playing properly, I will save my purchase until they are fixed.)

The game looks really interesting and I would love to know what YOU think.

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I came here for impressions and am disappointed.

All I saw on the Steam forums were people saying they couldn't save their game. And then I watched like a minute of gameplay (happened to be that Pewdiepie is his name perhaps?). One of the monsters ran out of nowhere at him, stood still for a second, and then ran straight into a tree and got stuck. He walks up to it and dies.

So, if that was a good representation of the AI I think I'll wait until they progress with the game a bit more. It did look pretty though. Hope Patrick plays it on Spookin' sometime.

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It's totally busted at the moment, and I haven't taken the time to get into the survival stuff, but it is really cool in concept. The AI is really cool, and the music dynamically plays when they spot you or they are around. The way the enemies move around is really cool (when it doesn't break) they will climb trees, and surround you before attacking. There is pretty neat crafting system, hell you can even make a log cabin XD

The wildlife stuff is really nice in that the birds and rabbits etc look really nice. The problem is that your character is a fuckin magician. He can just run up to a rabbit and murder it with an axe and the rabbit won't even move or run away. Also there is an idle animation where your character holds out his hand for a bird to land on. How can anyone fuckin do that? XD

It's a totally messed up game right now, but I'm excited to see how it builds.

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Granted I haven't played the game yet, but from what I saw of it on a stream for a couple hours it seemed full of jankiness. It's an early build so jank is to be expected, but it was difficult to get a sense of any sort of tension in the game. Between fully automatic flare guns and way too many animals stupidly running around disarming traps meant for the enemies (not to mention the bug where animals set on fire seemingly clone themselves as they run away and burn to death), it was difficult to really get a feel for what the game will become. I think there is still a lot of promise in what the final product could be, but as the game is now it doesn't seem to be as indicative of that final version as I expected. Again this is all from the perspective of a spectator not a player.

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I mostly just bought it because the graphics look impressive. And they really do! The forest looks amazing. Just wondering around is a lot of fun. However I never really got into the survival gameplay. My plan was to head for the beach directly after spawning. But every time the monsters discovered the spot i chose for my base after just a couple of minutes. I dont know if it is a bug or whether im doing something wrong, but I never was able to play more than 5 minutes without being surrounded by monsters...So this part of the game clearly is far from being finished..but hey thats what you got when playing an alpha. Considering that i thing it is worth buying now if you are into the setting. Just dont expect a working game.

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It's super early but I love everything that it's going for. As long as they iron out the kinks that are present I think it'll be something truly great. It looks beautiful, and when the AI doesn't break it works quite well. they will climb trees and surround you before you really know what's happening. The crafting is done nicely as well, tons to make with more on the way. I'm really likeing the survivalist feeling this while game has. I think it's pretty ambitious, especially for a small studio... but I couldn't be more excited to watch/play this project as it grows. They even have a countdown timer on the main menu to tell you when the next patch will be released.

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It's a lot of fun. I can't wait to see where it goes as they add to it. Even though it's buggy, sometimes the AI does exactly what it needs to do and everything works fine, which provides an entirely unique and scary experience.

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It's been a really buggy experience for me so far. I'm going to put it down and wait for the final release, or at least a stable build. I don't want this alpha to taint my feelings for the game.

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I like it a lot from the hour I've spent with it. I get scared when all of a sudden the cannibals are sprinting around the forest looking for me. I will wait for the game to be patched more before I jump back in because it can get frustrating trying to manage items. I can't eat any of my medicine for some reason :(

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Played a bunch and for some reason in the later games the cannibals kind of stopped looking for me entirely. Gotta say though, those enemy designs for those limb monsters are fucking horrifying.

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Yeah it is fairly broken at the moment but the stuff that is there is really cool. The enemy AI and animations are awesome, have had to main encounters with them so far and both were quite different. The first was a group of like 10 guys then another 15 in the background and they were much more assertive, slowly gaining better position on me and pushing themselves closer until I just turned around and booked it and they didn't give chase. The second group was only 3 guys and they played it much safer, watching me from a distance as I am started to get close to them. Just the way they move is really freaky, real unpredictable and almost feral looking.

I did a little bit of the crafting and it seems like it has the potential to be interesting though at the moment it needs a lot of polish. The way bits of the tree you are chopping down are taken out as you swing the axe is neat and how it tracks where the axe is hitting, instead of just a canned animation you have to hit different parts of the tree to make it fall. The one night I went through was stormy so the atmosphere was quite intense, especially with the knowledge of cannibals possibly stalking me, so I can see the whole settlement building concept being rewarding in creating a safe haven.

After trying to attack the small group mentioned before I ultimately failed but instead of dying I woke up in a cave filled with dead bodies. It is certainly fucked up that is for sure. Found both a flare and flare gun, the flare gun seems to be broken as the flares shoot through the walls but the main flare did work. The lighting effects from the flare were pretty cool as they hit the complex structures of the cave. Sadly I fell through the environment and died before I could find a way out. The difference between the fairly bright forest and pitch black cave was pretty jarring, which I liked.

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Don't purchase this game yet. I knew this game was early access, but i was led to believe that development was much farther than it is. The game is buggy as can be, and not enjoyable at all to play. I've played less than two hours and the game is just littered with issues. I found a duplication glitch that completely breaks the game, you can't save, the enemies are EVERYWHERE and unavoidable, and there is some REALLY bad sound design. Also, the part where you wake up in a cave after your first death is incredibly cool...the first time, it shouldn't be something that happens every time you start a new game.

I thought this was going to be more of a survival horror game, so far it looks a lot like RUST but with people enemies.

Here's me hoping that they can make this game into something worth playing over the next year of development.

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I watched Robbaz play it, and it looks like it has SO much potential to be something amazing. The only thing I dislike about from what I saw is that the cannibals or whatever they are just don't stop coming, I think they should give you a little bit of time in the beginning to get your bearings and make a base and traps. The environment looks great, and the weather also looked really good. When he was on the boat and all of the cannibals were stalking the beach looking for him, I thought that looked REALLY cool, even though some of the guys were stuck in the water.

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Is there some kind of 'peaceful mode' in this game? Or a cheat or something to make the bad dudes not attack you?

Don´t get me wrong, I love the whole 'The Descent'-thing they got going, but that forest is beautiful! I just want to run around in there without being disturbed.

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Is there some kind of 'peaceful mode' in this game? Or a cheat or something to make the bad dudes not attack you?

Don´t get me wrong, I love the whole 'The Descent'-thing they got going, but that forest is beautiful! I just want to run around in there without being disturbed.

In the future development notes the dev has listed a "peaceful mode" cheat that will disable enemies.

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This sounds like an awesome game, but I think I will wait until it gets out of early access

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Major bugs (really major) aside, this game has the potential to be one of the scariest survival horror games out there. The atmosphere of the forest and the way the cannibals move around, looking for you or staring at you is really disturbing (among other things). The game has a really unique hiding in plain sight scare method as the cannibals blend in with the forest until you spot them, which sometimes might be too late, and I think that's pretty sweet. Adds to the challenge but also the feeling of vulnerability.

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I've only played a few mins of the game but it was massively creepy. When I was in the middle of making my campsite I could see one of the natives in the distance just watching me, I wasn't sure if he was hostile or not so I began to walk towards him and he skittered away in to the bushes. When I turned around I was already surrounded by four or five others so I just booked it but I didn't last long. The game seems really cool but I think I'll leave it for a while so the devs can iron out some of the jank.