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I was thinking of getting the Season Pass. I haven't heard anything about the new maps, but I'm still curious since I play a lot of the multiplayer and maybe this is a good investment. Anyone here get the maps? How are they?

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They're pretty good. No fancy mechanics introduced in the new maps, but they're on par with the originals. If you're still interested in the multiplayer and you're looking for some new areas to play in, I'd say go for it.

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They're alright, sort of have a gun bias while every basic level except Lakeside has an item bias. Safe locations in Interrogation seem to be generally pretty bad relative to the normal maps. Biggest issue you'll run into is almost nonstop groups and aside from Survivors the game just isn't fun if you're not in a group against other groups; hence why the "no parties" matchmaking is so excellent, there isn't one for the DLC.

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I like the new maps a lot. The Bookstore level really forces combat upon everyone really quick. Can't sneak around for too long at all which adds an interesting aspect to it.