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Poll: How long did it take you to finish The Last of Us? (290 votes)

< 11 hours 3%
11-12+ hours 8%
13-14+ hours 18%
15-16+ hours 18%
17-18+ hours 11%
19-20+ hours 7%
>= 21 hours 3%
See Results / Haven't finished it 32%

After having seen responses like "what? it's only 12 hours long?" at the end of some reviews, it got me thinking about the average play-length for most people who've completed this game.

Firstly because responses like that make me think that some people have been living under a rock this generation (where games have been tending towards being 6-8 hours long), and secondly because I personally took ~18.5h to finish the game so it's entirely up to the player.

So, out of curiosity, how long did it take you?

#51 Posted by Kidavenger (3642 posts) -

It's been going on 2 months now, I got about 10 hours in all in one day and loved it, the next day I played one match of multiplayer and fucking hated it, now I have zero interest in the game, it's funny, the exact same thing happened to me with Uncharted 3, I should not play Naughty Dog multiplayer I guess.

#52 Posted by Gnubberen (787 posts) -

@scampbell said:

@jsnyder82 said:

I'm loving the game, but I have to admit, sometimes I don't want to play it simply because it makes me wait about 6-7 minutes just to load the damn game (should have bought the digital download). And on top of that, I doubly don't want to play it because Joel just turned a generator on in a basement, and enemies swarm to me and kill me within seconds. I have no idea how to get out of there.

There is a hallway with a door on the right which needs a key card. Not sure which direction that is, but I think it is the way the Bloater is coming from. I just ran to it when I had figured out where it was.

Oh, jeez, I just now realized I have a keycard. I kept looking at the keycard icon down at the bottom right and had no idea what it was. Must have missed that part. Thank you!

Ha, I remember that part.

As soon as the bloater busted through the door, I was like "NOPE!" and just legged it for the exit.

Clocked in about 18 hours as far as I recall.

#53 Edited by DallasTheGamer (154 posts) -

For me it took alittle over 14 hours. I need to play through that game again.

#54 Posted by SeanFoster (895 posts) -

16-17 hours.

#55 Posted by Seppli (10250 posts) -

I guess about 15 hours of single player over 3 days (lost some progress). Over 100 hours of multiplayer over 2-3 weeks. Excellent game. Multiplayer is even better than singleplayer, if you are so inclined.

#56 Edited by Imorange24 (1 posts) -

First was 13hours 34mins and the second time i played is 10hours 30mins.

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The Last of Us was spectacular.

#58 Posted by Cyrus_Saren (542 posts) -

Someday I'll be able to play it.