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After completing the game they give you stats on these two things. Lets share and compare!

I had 24917 Rupees and 0 deaths!

Admittedly I totally reset after getting facewrecked by those fire breathing dudes to the east of the Tower of Hera. 3 hearts is a lot of damage when I only have 5 hearts!

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14130 rupees, 2 deaths. My first death was from the fire breathing dudes when I went over there after completing the tower. I was still pleasantly surprised to see that sort of thing can happen still in a Zelda game. Second death was in the same general area in Lorule when I tried to do the second level of the treacherous tower while being unprepared. Thought I had a fairy, but nope.

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12700 rupees, 8 deaths. 4 of which were trying to get through that tower thing for the piece of heart, one was on the last boss because I didn't want to waste a potion on a bad run.

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15000 or so rupees and 3 deaths.

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Total rupees found: 19405
Times defeated: 1

Would have been zero deaths, but I hadn't saved in a while.

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Something like 15k Rupees and 6 deaths, most of which came early on.

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18743 rupees

4 deaths

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I lost all my hearts twice on the final boss. I always had four fairies in bottles, so I was instantly revived both times. I came very, very close to dying on the turtle boss. I'm unsure how many rupees I had, but I nearly always had 9999 for the last couple of hours.

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Around 18000 and 5

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Something like 21k rupez and 0 deaths. Just carry a fairy and fear of death be nary.

(also the fact that I have ALttP practically memorized means I found a lot of the bottles really early on since the ones in this game are inspired locationally, just like the rest of this game. Stock up on dat blue drank)

EDIT: According to my 3DS my first playthrough, of which I did a 100% completion run, came in at 20:59. Fantastic game.


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40k Rupees, 0 deaths (although I know for a fact I died once)