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Thought it was funny that this is listed for Sunday (20th) but it's already up on GameSpot today. (Saturday 19th)


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hot scoops, move over patrick

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Looks like Scoops... got out-scooped.

Oh man I thought this was going to be a Patrick QL. My pun attempt doesn't actually work right under this context! Oh well...

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Your Scoops are slow. Saw that posted this morning.

Also, funny how the GB content always has almost no comments on Gamespot compared to other videos with hundreds. Not surprising... just amusing to me since I think GB content is the best of course.

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Seriously though, how the hell does this happen? I am livid, except not at all.

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@htr10 said:

Seriously though, how the hell does this happen?

I too am curious how that is up already on GameSpot before it is slated to appear on Giant Bomb

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Yep, just watched it over there. Spoiler: GameSpot is the new Giant Bomb...

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Giant Spot *euuggghhcchh*

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I was gonna watch Robin Hood: Men In Tights... But this is a logical alternative.

Screw embargoes.