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Just a quick heads up, I'll post the video archive later. I'm excited to see what the hell this game actually is. I really like what Ready At Dawn has been able to do with the PSP in the past and I wanna see how they approach the PS4.

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I hope this shows off that the game is more than a bland and colorless 3rd person cover based shooter. That last batch of gameplay really underwhelmed...

I wonder what they'll show and what they'll save for E3

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Streaming a pre-made video. This is the future of videogames people...

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Thanks watching now, how's the framerate for you guys? What the heck the stream just ended haha was that it?

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Well... That's not what I was expecting that stream to be...

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The gameplay ain't doing much for me. Looks pretty though.

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So....just total bullshit?

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Is twitch fucking up or was that the whole stream?

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Is twitch fucking up or was that the whole stream?

It was very short (like 3 minutes) and they ended up showing it a few times. I'll admit, it's a weird way of showing off this game. Whatever, we'll see more at E3.

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graphics look good, gameplay looks boring

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Twitch was fucking the fuck up. It's on youtube in better shape, but there the quality is compressed and messed up. It should be put on the PSN stores as whatever they use for the nutty quality streaming video they have there already.

Spoiler: It's a third person shooter that happens to look better than anything yet, with increased immersion and feel from a cinematic 21:9 scope running in 1080p blacking out pixels.

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i really love the setting and atmosphere, just hope it stands out a little beyond that.

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It's definitely not steampunk.

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Weird... why not just put that up as a gameplay trailer instead so we can actually appreciate the visuals? Surely they knew what streaming it would do to the quality.

Also, I now want "streampunk" to be a thing. An alternate history where artifacting and compression became issues in the 1800s, and it led to everyone wearing blocky clothing that looks godawful when the person wearing them makes sudden movements or stands in a dark area. Also airships, because fuck yeah airships.

Edit: Also, if Abney Park isn't doing the soundtrack for this game, somebody done fucked up.

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I hope it's more than just a really pretty cover-based shooter. It does look terrific, though.

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I think they would have been better of just waiting to show a slightly longer gameplay clip at E3 than this. This was just way too abrupt to sway me one way or the other. I'm still interested in the game but this clip didn't really do much to get me more hyped really. What little they showed looked nice I guess. My first impression is that it's Uncharted set in the 1800s with a little more grainy film look to it. I like it, but I also didn't expect it to show much more than the third person shooting. But I do hope the game has a bit more to it than just another 8-10 hours of cover based shooting. At least I hope Ready At Dawn manage to develope the world of "The Order" enough to distinguish it from other third person shooters.

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Well... That's not what I was expecting that stream to be...

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lol well that sure was anti-climatic. Then again that kinda fits this whole game to a tee so far, and as I've mentioned in the past it looks like it'll be the PS4's own Heavenly Sword equivalent. Pretty graphics with little else to stand out. Hopefully it'll have an interesting story and cast of characters at least.

Still really disappointed that it's not a 4-player coop game.

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graphics look good, gameplay looks boring

Succinct and accurate.

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I'm not too sick of third person shooters to play one that has a good story element.

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The gunshot sounds, the gunplay-related screen effects, and the visual hit feedback all look lacking. Otherwise darn pretty, albeit somewhat... grey.

WTF is up with the framerate.

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That gun at the beginning looks incredible. A little context would have been nice but I think I'm in just for that gun. Holy shit that thing was awesome.

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When the CD-ROM revolution began and PCs started coming with two different multimedia capability classifications, we yearned for games that put the new storage size to good use, and we got more than just FMV games and were happy. When the power for pushing polygons increased, we had to wait a little but we did get games that put it to good use. Horsepower has increased bit by bit since then, after this I got to thinking - What could this do for third person shooters besides pump up the visuals?

It needs Blizzard-level polish and flow, feel and a master's touch. It needs perfection to stand out and successfully get "this is a PS4/XboxOne generation third person shooter building on a soon 20 year old gameplay method and it's perfectly fine and has its place in this year of 2014". Infamous: Second Son was a damn fine example of this, despite its lack content (~15 hours are enough to platinum it, for a benchmark).

This game better play and feel as great as it looks.

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Sucks that there's no Co Op. Hopefully they add that.

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I just hope they have some sort of original gameplay hook they haven't told us about yet.

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As a person who does game marketing this whole thing was weird..... streaming stuff like that only works if the gameplay is outstanding and if you want to show off real time interaction (MP match etc.). They should have just cut a sick trailer showing the best in game stuff they have or saved it for their press conference.

Looks like something I want to play and looks really good graphic wise, just a flat way to introduce a big first party game.

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Wolfenstein really satisfied my first person shooter woes I had with the PS4 since its launch (BF4 was too broken, Killzone was too boring, never got into CoD) so I think this just looks more generic that usual, but then again maybe its a good thing Wolfenstein quenched my thirst since I'll probably be less focused on the shooting of The Order.

I don't know though, this game went from my most anticipated PS4 game to becoming kinda meh at this point. The setting is rad though

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This seems 110% meh....