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Happy to see that The Pinball Arcade as finally been green lit Loved the heck out of this game on iOS but have been reluctant to invest in tables on consoles knowing a PC version might be possible. So happy it's finally got through. Can't wait. Any one else looking forward to it?

Sounds like a release won't be far off, the Steam Group suggest it might be within a month. I remember reading that FarSight had been developing it for PC for a good while because of a potential Windows 8 release.

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This is great news. I already own the 360 version, but I'll probably repurchase it on Steam so that I can finally get some of those DLC tables that are pretty much never going to see a 360 release.

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Awesome news!

I've played the hell out of Pinball Arcade on iOS and bought a few tables. It'd be nice if your purchases transferred over, but I doubt that'll be the case.

How does the game play with a controller?

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That's good news, finally. Couldn't figure out why they were even having to go through this process since it's a pretty quality product.

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More pinball is always good news. I will probably end up getting this version since I am getting a little tired of waiting for the tables on the 360 version.

Also @rockyraccoon37: The game plays perfectly fine with a controller.

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Cool. I don't care much for Pinball but hearing Jeff talk about it makes it seem like a well done product that has a lot of effort and polish put into it.

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Oh, this reminds me that I am still waiting for my "Star Trek The Next Generation" key (PSN) from the Kickstarter...

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For all the effort they apparently put into recreating these tables, Black Knight 2000 not having its amazing music in any of the current versions is depressing.

I'm keeping my eye on this version in the hope they fix that, Steam would be a great platform to sell dlc tables.

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@cikame: Actually, the table in The Pinball Arcade is Black Knight, which was originally released in 1980. It is not Black Knight 2000, which was released in 1989 as a sequel to the original. Hopefully Farsight will get around to making BK2000 for the game someday.


Black Knight

Black Knight 2000