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I got the this game for my PC on Christmas. I installed the game fine but i can't play it. The game is crashing before the opening cinematic is done. Has anybody else had this problem? How do I fix it?

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shouldnt of got it for the pc????

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If you are running a computer with quad core processor: 
1. Start the game 
 2. When at the main menu, hit ctrl-alt-del, click the activity handler(? I only know what it's in Swedish, something like that though) make sure that you have your desktop in the background, not the game.
3. Click processes 
4. Right-click TheSaboteur.exe and select the option that has to do with processors(Yet again, dunno what it's on computers from other countries) 
5. Uncheck processor 2 and 3. 
6. Click ok and quit activity handler
7. Alt tab back into the game. 
I think you need to repeat these steps every time you play the game. I do for good measure at least. 
It could also be that you are using an ATI graphics card, which is solved by patching the game using the following link:  http://www.pandemicstudios.com/thesaboteur/patch 
I hope you will enjoy The Saboteur, it's rough to get it started but it's worth it ^^

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something like this in the shortcut will do it automaticly

cmd.exe /c start "Program Name" /affinity # "Full path of application file"

# = hex for the processors/cores

03 for core 0 and 1

05 for core 0 and 2

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ok here it is.

this string in the shortcut will use the first 2 cpu's

cmd.exe /c start "the saboteur.exe" /affinity 03 "c:\program files (x86)\electronic arts\the saboteur\saboteur.exe"

it may load to far too quick to catch it in task manager

if you have trouble with the string do it in a dos window it gives error messages that stay on

two .exe programs in the directory one is the launcher

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You are a master at Saboteur bug fixing. You know, when WiiU came out I couldn't beat ZombiU because of a bug. Can you call ZombiUMaster to revive my old thread (I probably made one) to solve that issue?


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The Saboteur's a hell of a game.

I wonder if @nixatron ever got it working?