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I was hesitant after I saw the Quicklook and some other features if I should buy into the beta. But today I got some beta-keys from the sign-up program (I signed up a long time ago) and turns out the game is straight amazing. No game managed to recapture the frantic feeling of Deathmatch games in the late 90s. If you loved Q3 or UT99 you should definitely give this game a shot. Vinny didn't really put the game in the best light - its a splendidly visceral experience. I'm not completely sold if the game will be great, but if a couple more bugs get fixed, the netcode a bit more stable and they add a significant content boost, this will be one of my most played games this year.

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Played a bit last week, seemed like there was something good there but it was almost impossible to get games, has this improved yet or are the numbers just to low atm?

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It's very easy to get a game atm. They opened the beta officially yesterday so that's how I got in and I think thats why there are more players by now. Edit: Unless you also got a beta invite in which case I don't know - but it was very easy to find a game.