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EA gave everyone who owned Sims 2 on Origin an "Ultimate Collection" earlier this month. EA have now expanded the offer so that everyone can get the game. All you need to do is download Origin, log in, and go to Origin > Redeem Product Code. Type I-LOVE-THE-SIMS in the field and you should now own the game and all the expansions.

Sims 2 is one of my favorite games ever, so I'm downloading the game as I'm typing this. This opportunity may also be the only way to get it digitally if you don't already own it as it's no longer sold normally on Origin, so I would highly recommend everyone to download it if you got even the slightest interest in the game.


Here are the the solutions for probably the two most common issues.

First, my post on how to change resolution: "http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/The_Sims_2 This tells you how to make the game run at any resolution you want. The path you want to go to is \Fun with Pets\SP9\TSData\Res\Config"

Another issue that you are likely to have on a modern graphic card are black boxes under Sims. It's the shadows of the Sims that are causing this issue and they can be turned off in the same file you changed resolution in. Search (Ctrl+F) for "option shadows" and under high settings change "boolProp simShadows true" to false. This will turn of the shadows on Sims but lets you keep shadows on objects.

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What if I don't love The Sims, should I lie to EA? I don't think I have it in me.

I lied to EA and redeemed it. Now I want to torch cars and smoke cigarettes, thanks EA.

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Sims 2...

Can you still trap people inside rooms with stoves and watch them panic as they set the rooms on fire?

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Oh good something I won't play

[sneaks away]


[plays for the rest of the day]

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It works!

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Wasn't really interested till I saw it had all the expansions, thanks for the heads up.

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You don't even have to run Origin to redeem the code. You can redeem it through the web store as well.

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Wow, they are giving away all expansion packs as well! That's pretty damn cool. Every half a year I get into a weird Sims 2 wormhole, during which I only play Sims 2 for like three days straight and stop. This will come in handy.

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I hope this doesn't turn into their free game of the month.

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Installing now, farewell precious disk space.

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Never would have guessed that today would be the day I would download and install Origin. Looks like they have Peggle for free also.

Thanks for the heads up!

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Woah, thanks for letting us know! Now to try and recreate the disaster that unfolded during the last 24 hour charity stream where Alexis put the GB staff into The Sims 1.

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I wonder why it's a code and not part of their On The House program. Thanks for the heads up!

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Thanks for the heads up duder! My daughter will love it.

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Cool thanks.

They also gave me Peggle for free.

It's funny, I don't have anything on Origin except games they gave me for free (and a couple MMOs I bought before origin was a thing EA was pushing- it apparently remembers them although one of them is no longer even online).

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Wow, every expansion as well? That's really, really cool.

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Cool, hopefully this won't be too hard to go back to after Sims 3. I remember original Sims being very hard to play after upgrading to Sims 2.

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I played the hell out of The Sims 2 back when it came out. I suspect I might end up doing the same now that I can get all of the expansions for free

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@relenus: 2 is easier to go to because it was when they moved away from basic needs by largely automating the 'get ready for work' process to focus on more long term goals.

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Woah, thanks for the heads up! My brother's gonna be so happy about this, haha.

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@mattyftm said:

I played the hell out of The Sims 2 back when it came out. I suspect I might end up doing the same now that I can get all of the expansions for free

Yeah, my hangup with any Sims game is knowing how much more fleshed-out the game gets over time (and presumably a good portion of your real life paychecks). Given the choice to play The Sims 3 (I own the base game and two small expansions), The Sims 4 (a game I can imagine having just as much cut out of the first shipping, still $60 product as there will be new content), and The Sims 2 with all the content I missed... well, The Sims 3 did make the whole world more seamless, but the more fleshed-out Sims 2 still seems more appealing to me in getting back into Simming.

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I am suprised they're giving this away before the release of the Sims 4, they could have used it as an apology giveaway when that turns into a Sim City style disaster.

Still it is nice to own again after giving my cds away years ago. I wonder if it still holds up after so long with Sims 3.

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Thank you so much! I wanted to play Sims 2 again but didn't want to juggle a million disks and cd keys to get it up and running.

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@gike987: Wow, kudos for the hot tip. I played the shit out of the Sims 2, but never got into many of the expansions. I'm right With @andrewb that a fully expanded Sims makes the next base game feel very tiny by comparison.

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RIP Everybody

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This makes up for The Sims 4 being such a bummer.

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Starting to build up a collection on Origin, almost exclusively from the free stuff they gave me.

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Thanks duder! Good on EA for trying to do something cool too.

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It's nice that they give out free games, but I already got Sims 3 as part of that hunblebundle deal a while ago.

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Man, just tried it... I don't think Sims 2 was made to have that much content going at once. That is certainly an experience. A long loading, feature info dumping, crashy experience.

Might have to get into the files and trim back some stuff.

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Time to try to remember my origin ID and password so I can never play this!

Seems like Peggle is also free.

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@shagge said:

Man, just tried it... I don't think Sims 2 was made to have that much content going at once. That is certainly an experience. A long loading, feature info dumping, crashy experience.

Might have to get into the files and trim back some stuff.

Yeah I can't get past the initial loading screen-- it doesn't crash and the music still plays but it doesn't seem to load at all.

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@rockyraccoon37: Give it a while, it's a-loadin'. I thought the same thing at first.

Prepare yourself, though: There's another one equally as long after you pick a town.

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Cool. After Alexis and Danny played some Sims on the charity stream I got an itch to play some too, but have no idea what happened to the copy I used to have of the first game went, so this is cool. I only ever played that first one back in the day.

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@shagge: Ugh. I'll give it another go.

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I skipped The Sims 2 even though I loved the original because of the insane amount of money I needed to put down to get the full experience. I've been waiting patiently for an ultimate collection and now it's free!

This almost makes up for the atrocity that was SimCity and the potential atrocity that could be The Sims 4. EA did good this time, though. Awesome job!

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I can't seem to get it working. When I press "play" it says "warning you have limited disk space" when I have 1TB free. When I launch it anyway, it boots up at Sims Pets and Stuff. Gets to a menu that says Mansions and Stuff. Can't do anything at the menu other create neighborhood which has no button options in it. When I view a "Learn to Play" video, it crashes. Anyone else having this issue?

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I'm going to pin this for a few days because hey, everyone likes free games. Even if they're on Origin.

EA is good about giving away free stuff on Origin. The other good thing about Origin is it isn't Uplay.

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just reminded, I own a copy of it, and I have friends who own 17 or 20 copies of the game.

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Edit: Solved! I had to switch the system locale in order to get the game to work. Mine was in Japanese so I had to switch to English-US. The option can be found in Control Panel, then Clock, Language and region. Hope it works for you too.

<I'm having the same exact problem too! I just saw the Charity stream video and I got the urge to play it so bad. Any help would be greaty appreciated.

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Thanks for the post! Woot free games!

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@minipato: @yaobikuni: You can also try this to get it run if windows is not in English, although I haven't tried it (as my Windows is in English) so it may not work. Be wary when messing around in regedit though, don't touch anything else.

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Thanks! This is pretty cool.

EA have been surprisingly generous with free games on Origin. Shame I always forget I have an Origin library.

Note to EA: No amount of free games will ever make up for that one time when you charged me £60 for SimCity, though.