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Also, it includes the regular shooting of the dead game according to the manual. AND ITS 50% OFF!!

EDIT 2: Feel free to help with the wiki page.

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Happy trails, ten dollars.

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October 29, 2013, apparently.

Them mentioning the 'humor' of the original is a bit worrying. Doesn't seem like the kind of thing that would work well transitioning from 'dear god this is stupid' to winkwinkwink.

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apparently when it happened was today.

also whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat

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this weirdly enough renews my faith in sega owning atlus.

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Surprise of the year. We need a quick look.

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Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!

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So... Is the original any good?

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FUCK YES! Typing of the Dead is one of the greatest and most beloved typing games of our time, and House of the Dead: Overkill is pretty good itself. Only thing that could make this better would be if it included the original in there as well.

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BF4 and THOTD out today? Tuesday is winning too hard!

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OK, fine, FINE. I didn't want that $10 anyway.

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That dude in the first screenshot on the steam page looks a lot like Forrest Kaysen

just saying

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Steam's Halloween sale is alright, but Sega won the day by dropping Typing of the Dead: Overkill out of nowhere! It launches at 50% off too.

Awesome stealth Segaton bomb.

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Apparently the games industry is actually taking that Brothers challenge to heart.

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I want it, I need it. Typing of the Dead has been in my Dreamcast for like 10 years. I wanted to play Overkill, and this seems like the BEST way to do it.

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I just finished the first mission. This game is great. The cheesy-grindhouse style of overkill works perfectly with the absurdity of the typing without feeling like it is trying too hard. Both fans of the original typing of the dead and fans of Overkill will like this. And I'm glad that so far I have not seen any internet memes forced into the in-game dictionary. The only negative I see so far is that your player model is not seen wielding a keyboard.

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Well, this came out of nowhere. Hopefully this is as good as it's predecessors!

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Not only that, but Deadly Premonition: Director's Cut also came out today.

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I was looking at all the Halloween games on sale and was starting to get sad that I didn't want to play most.


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Game of the Year 2013 just got a whole lot more motherfuckin' interesting.

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Not available in my country...whaaaat?! I want it so bad, is it just House of the Dead Overkill with typing? If so, then that's amazing!

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oh man, I'm going to have to pick this up right now.

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that's hilarious.

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Man I have so many fond memories of the original

Hell, it taught my best mate to touch type!

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I need to know, in cutscenes do the weapons look like this?

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Unfortunately, they are only holding guns. I hope that in the future they patch keyboards in.

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bought it immediately can't wait to play

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Welp, added this to my cart.

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Loved the previous one on the pc & so glad they did this unexpected move as I tried a little of overkill & enjoyed the grindhouse setting but didn't have that much time with the wii. Looks like this will be awesome.

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Quick look! For the love of Zomb- mutants let there be a quick look.

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so i should get this?

i type pretty well so it may be a cakewalk for me? :3

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So, so sold.

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Is there a patch coming that will allow me to play the game? I've done everything short of sacrificing a goat to the Elder Gods and every time I click the button to play in Steam (or even the .exe file itself) the screen goes black for two seconds then crashes to desktop. This on a laptop with Windows 7 that has had no trouble playing other SEGA games or shitty ports.

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@forcen said:

So... Is the original any good?

Yes, and as a typing game, it's only real failing is it doesn't address capital letters (not unexpected as a port of a Japanese game (they don't have them)).