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I'm just wondering, because to me, it seemed short, or at least much shorter than I was expecting. I don't know exactly how long it took, but it felt like it was around twenty hours, with every side mission (aside from one) finished. I was expecting it to be like Dragon Age Origins, where it took me around forty or so hours to beat. I just beat the game on 360.

I'm also curious, just overall, not to get overly descriptive since there are many main choices for the story you can choose, I was just wondering what everyone chose through the course of the game. One last thing, that has been asked in a previous, and the most recent of Witcher 3 threads was, will we be able to import our saves into the third; I mean, it would just make sense, so I hope we can.

Yeah, the game was good; good enough to make me more excited for three due to knowing a bit more of the story. Now, onto listening to podcasts about the game; perhaps trying to find some spoilercasts, even though it's pretty darn late for that, ha ha.

  • Roughly how long did this take you to complete?
  • What choices did you make throughout the course of your game?
  • Will we be able to import our saves (console and PC version alike) into three?
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Bump. How come the threads on the bottom of the main page go on and off from time to time?

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It took me about 25 hours to beat, but I do not consider that to be a bad thing.

Yes, you can import saves from "The Witcher 2," into 3, but I am fairly confident that you cannot do that for the 360 version. Apparently CD Projeckt is in discussions with Microsoft, but the general rule on the 360 is that you cannot import content from a previous game. Hopefully Witcher 3 can be an exception to the rule like the Mass Effect games.

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yeah 20-25. I did play it three times though! So whatevs.

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I think the steam clock said about 20 hours. Seemed fine to me since plenty of RPG's drag at times with a lot of filler (the first Witcher game, for example)

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I think the steam clock said about 20 hours. Seemed fine to me since plenty of RPG's drag at times with a lot of filler (the first Witcher game, for example)

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Oh wow, this seems more feasible than I thought. These days 20-30 seems like a perfect length for me.

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32 hours is what steam says for me, but I don't think it actually took that long. Not as long as the first game, for sure.

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Have you played the Witcher 1? That game took me about 100 hrs! :D

This one about 20 hrs. Sided with Iorveth the first time, second time with Roche (enjoyed that more)

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@armaan8014: only took me 24, but I rushed it by the end.

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@mildmolasses: @monetarydread: 20 or so hours is in no way a bad thing when it comes to most games, but when it comes to a game like this, I did expect more. I still can't get past how 'short' it was. I felt that there wasn't many places I ventured to. I was hoping for it to be at least 30; one more chapter would have sufficed. I'm not exactly sure how long it took me since there was no timer, but it did feel like around 20 or so. I just wanted more than what I got. I wish there was a new game plus.

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@armaan8014: No, I didn't play the first, though if I still had a powerful enough PC to do so, I would have. OK, 100 hours is pushing it, but it's not the worst thing. For a game like this, I would expect and hope for a 35 to 50 hour game. I personally just didn't feel the time spent in the game didn't give me enough time to really appreciate the characters and the world.

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Took me about 15 hours, I sort of wish it was longer. I did not do all the side missions, but i did all the ones i came across that looked even the slightest bit interesting.

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It took me about 20 hours to reach the final boss fight, and then the final boss fight took me the rest of my life. I'm dead.

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I think I played through in about 17 hours. I think it was really refreshing to play an RPG of reasonable length. The reason it is "short" is that there are two different middle chapters, but you only see one of them on a play through. If someday I get a more powerful computer I'd like to play through the game again with all the eye candy which my machine just can't produce. Or maybe they re-release it on next-gen consoles. That would seem smart marketing move for 3.

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I still haven't beat the first one, and I kinda have Vinny syndrome goin right now.

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@thatfrood: I didn't even fight him, and it ended, so that's an ending for you... I mostly played as a pacifist, so I let him go, though it probably would have been funner to fight him.

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@zaccheus: I took the Iorveth path, so perhaps I should do the other. I was really hoping to get on both good sides, and I mostly did, but in the end, it didn't really resolve that part of the story. I wonder if it'll be explored more in three.

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It took me like 30, but you have to keep to in mind that the game basically has 4 acts, but you can only play 3 in any given playthrough. I think that is a ballsy move make about 25% of the content inaccessible based on decisions, but I absolutely respect CDP Red for doing it.

About importing, you can import from 1 to 2, so I would assume you can import from 2 to 3, though playing it on 360 I don't know if you will have a means to do that.

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It's been a while, but it took me pretty long. I did everything and explored a lot. S-Ranked it. I think in total across all my playthroughs it's probably somewhere around 90 hours.

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Yeah around 25 hours. Went to the dwarf town.

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Yeah, around 25 hours sounds about right for me aswell. I don't mind a 25 hour RPG, however, I remember that the end of Witcher 2 felt a bit cut short for some reason. Something about the pacing was wrong in comparison to the rest of the game.