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All the Witcher 3 discussion on the bombast reminded me that I have the Witcher 2 on steam and that I always wanted to get further in that game than I did (like 15 minutes maybe) but I re-downloaded it today and ehhhhhh it kinda dont run so hot on my PC. Its alright I guess but its bothersome enough to be consistently distracting to me. So I guess my other option is the 360 version which is getting cheaper nowadays, that version any good? Are there any problems with it or significant downgrades from the PC version that make it not worth my time?

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It doesn't look as good, obviously, but it's still a fantastic game.

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It's totally fine. Runs well, plays well, looks good for a 360 game. I played through all of it there (twice), no problems. Comes with a soundtrack CD, if that makes any difference.

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And if you played the Witcher 1, there are some special missions, trailing back to characters and interactions in the first game, that aren't available in the Xbox 360 version.

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Runs totally fine. looks pretty good very good port (OF COURSE It's not PC quality)

I think there is only 1 version of it. Enhanced Edition

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@jeust: I didn't, and probably wont so ehhhh. Thats weird though. Wonder why they took them out.

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It's the best looking game on 360 in my opinion. It even looks better than most PS3 games which is really saying something. That's still not as good as a top end PC but the point is that it looks fine. It plays great on a controller too.

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@jeust: I didn't, and probably wont so ehhhh. Thats weird though. Wonder why they took them out.

I think because similar to the Mass Effect trilogy, there were decisions you took in one game that would impact a small part of the next game. Without the first game on the Xbox 360, there wasn't much reason to keep those small tidbits in the next game.

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If you can't run it on a PC, then it plays totally fine. Visually compared to any game on the system, it is way up there. Also, that is how I played it. I played the first on my crappy PC and then got the one for 360. Worth it in my opinion.

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Have you tried turning down the settings on the PC version? On some PC's, mine included, the options in the launcher do not really work so I had to go find the .ini and set them up that way.

It's been a while since I did this so I don't remember file names or locations, but you might want to look into that. Of course if you don't want to bother, then I should say that I've heard nothing but praise for the 360 version of The Witcher 2. It apparently looks great and runs at a solid 30 frames; if I didn't have a PC then I would definitely pick up that version.

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If you have a PC that can run it well get the PC version for sure. If not the 360 version is fine.

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360 version is solid. It has a consistent framerate and looks nice too. The LOD is just drastically reduced like in the forest area there is just a shit load of fog all over the place which doesn't exist at all on PC. Also the gameplay works perfectly with a controller.

I played through halfway in the 360 version but switched to PC because that was when I got a rig that could run the game just fine.

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It's vastly superior on PC, but on 360 it's great. Really good for a port, actually.

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Ive recently bought it. Doesnt look as good as the PC version but its still amazing. Combat takes a while to get used to but once you do is nicely challenging. Also i would recommend throwing yourself into the lore as they throw names around without much explanation due to you going in at the 2nd instalment ( that is assuming you havnt played the first).