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so i just got the consel version and im in act 2 so is there any tips some vetrens of the game can give? also i have some questions.

1. Any way to make mony in this game?

". Any good armor sets in act two i can get?

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1. Money is hard to come by in this game, save for one area. It's in act 2:

- Vernon's Path: There is a hermit's hut outside of the camp, called the Visionary. There are endlessly spawning Harpies right outside his house - farm them and sell their components.

- Iorveth's path: DO NOT destroy the harpy nests. They will keep respawning if you keep them intact, so do the same thing, kill them and sell their compnents.

2. As for armor sets... you'll need to tell me what path you've taken. The blacksmith in the camp, the apprentice one, will sell diagrams of armor to you. In Vergen, go to the blacksmith near Philippa's house. Also, there is an AMAZING silver sword in the mines in Vergen, attainable ASAP in Iorveth's path or late in Roche's path. Called the blood sword. Most of the good armor will need to be bought. Sometimes you will find OK armor sets from storyline quests too, like the Armor of Loc Muinne (good for Sign-users) or Seltkirk's armor.

Did you create the Kayran Carapace armor? It's very decent.

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@xyzygy: Shouldn't your advice on money include the basic "loot and sell / get beast contracts" advice? 
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@xyzygy: i picked the elfs path and i cant make the krayan armor cause i didnt farm the skin from the courpse :(

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@AhmadMetallic: Well that is pretty obvious. What I understand is that he is looking for money besides the obvious quest completion rewards and loot and selling stuff he doesn't need. Plus he's in chapter 2 and that's where you can make the most money so that tactic is his best bet. Money is hard to come by and is easily spent because armor + weapon diagrams, buying/creating components, and crafting them costs so much so the harpy tactic would be the best.

@Z3RO180: OK, no biggie. You will eventually get better armor, although that armor would have been great to have... So, from Vergen, go outside and take the left path when it splits. Keep going and you'll come to a 4 way intersection - go to the Old Quarry. There are TONS of Harpy nests here that are involved in a Harpy extreminating quest. If you haven't done the quest, the harpies will respawn and respawn. Sell all their components for lots of money. If you want, there is a quest giver in the hut beside the quarry who asks you for about 100 feathers in total. It's a pretty funny quest so I recommend you do it - on the way you'll get a lot of harpy components to sell!

As for the armor sets, do you know where Philippa lives yet? There is a dwarf blacksmith near her house who offers the best diagrams, IIRC. They are expensive though so make sure you know what you want and/or make back up saves in case you made a wrong decision. I remember spending between 3,000 and 4,000 on on diagram ALONE.

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Already a tips thread here.

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Bar fights in Vergen or Flotsam. Bet as high as possible, all you have to do is click a button or two for some easy money.

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@xyzygy: ryt cool tahnks man also could you tell me what armor is in the pic below and how hard is dark mode? also are the armour sets in dark mode any good cause the oath breaker set looks badass

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@Z3RO180: Thyssen's armor, it's part of the succubus side quest during Act II on Iorveth's path.

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@Lebensbaum: cool thanks man

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@Z3RO180: Dark mode isn't too bad. I managed to complete the entire first act with only a steel sword because I opted to go for the money achievement on my Dark playthrough. If I were you I would wait to get the 2nd chapter Dark armor, the third chapter's armor is essentially useless because you're pretty much done the game by the time you get it. I learned that the hard way.

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@xyzygy: cool on my next playthrough i was going to get the oath breaker armour cause that seems pretty cool but to the best of my knolege they do help a lot in the game but you get cursed when you wear it or something.

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@Z3RO180: You need all pieces of the armor in order to be able to use it. If not, you'll get cursed and I think it takes away your health

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@xyzygy: Whos path is better cause i went with the elf dude and that story really good then i started agin and i was woundering what roaches path was like .

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@xyzygy do you know where to get the diagrams for the studded gauntlets ?

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@z3ro180 said:

@xyzygy do you know where to get the diagrams for the studded gauntlets ?

You can purchase it from Mael in Vergen.