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Looks like nobody has done it, so I went ahead and created a country club. Search for "Giant Bomb". See you on the links

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Is this cc on the 360 or the ps3?

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@thepudgeman: If it's on 360, I'll join. Now that I've finished BioShock, I plan on getting started with Tiger 14 this week.

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I joined a few minutes ago via the website as I was rendering my game face. The instant I clicked to join my xbox locked up - so maybe don't do that?

Our club championship is going to be epic.

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What exactly does a cc do?

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@thepudgeman Any chance you could make a tournament, or is it possible to let others make a club tournament?

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Decent sale coming up on Xbox.

Kinect Central: Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 14 14 Course Pack11-Jun to 17-Jun1600 (50% off)