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So instead of having a bunch of random threads where people are giving away extra keys they came in contact with or asking for keys, I figure we just make a whole thread dedicated to the whole thing. Just state if you have a code or if you're looking for one and who knows! Maybe you'll get lucky (including me...)

Looking for a code

Xbox One

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I know I'd love a code for XB1. I applied for one when the Beta site went live, so if I get one later, I'll give it away here.

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Sure would make the weekend pretty rad. Still waiting.

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Let's up the ante...

I have keys from a ORIGIN Humble Bundle available if someone is willing to trade...

The games are as follows:

Dead Space

Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box

Crysis 2 Maximum Edition

Medal of Honor

Mirror's Edge

Battlefield 3

C&C Red Alert 3 - Uprising


I know these aren't Titanfall, but I'm getting desperate.

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Anyone know if all the XB1 codes they accidentally sent to PC users ended up being legit/redeemable codes?

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@neocalypso: They are legit, just for the wrong platform.

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Would love an X1 code. If I get a PC or X1 code from them later then I'll share it on here.

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I'd love to have a PC code. I have a copy of Civilization V on steam that I can trade

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Well then here is one of the accidental XB1 codes I got for some lucky duder. Obviously remove the [GIANTBOMB] I put in there for bot deterrence.


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@neocalypso: Claimed! If and when mine shows up, I will post it here in the same manner.Thank you! Also, if you want I can give you those Origin keys for the games I posted above as well!

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Hey, got a friend that have an Xbox One (I don't) that would really like one. He's a GiantBomb user, but don't go much to the forum. Would be a nice gift from me to him.

Thanks. You guys are all great ^^

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I'm looking for a key for the PC if anyone has an extra!

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PC key would be greatly appreciated!

Can totally gift Darwinia, Multiwinia, Uplink, and Defcon on steam for one ^^

EDIT: actually have one now! Will give away any I come across :)

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I am looking for a code for Xbox One. Thanks in advance to anyone generous enough to give some love on this Valentine's Day! :)

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Hey guys someone in another thread posed a beta code for xbox one and I put that into the wrong code email support thing that EA sent out. I just got an email saying that my account has bee flagged for downloading the beta. I relogged on Origin and the download was there. I am downloading now. I don't know if I completely fucked someone by using that xbox code but It is worth a shot if you haven't gotten yours yet. If I get another email with a code I will post it here.

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Hey guys,

I went to the link for people that got codes for the wrong platform. I didnt get a code just went there and sent the email saying I applied for the PC beta and that I didnt get a code yet. 2 hours later I got an email back saying it was added to my Origin account.

If you want to give it a try to use this link:

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Would also be interested in a XBONE Code if someone wants to give one away :).

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I have an Xbox One code

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@jsnyder82: I would gladly take it if you don't want it =)

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If anyone wants a Xbox One beta key, I have one available. Got it from the Eurogamer giveaway, thought it was for the Origin version.

Just reply quote to this message and i'll PM it.

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@sackmanjones: sent it to you via pm.

let me know if you got it and if it works.

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@jsnyder82: Ah! I was too slow! If anyone else has a key they aren't going to use I'd really appreciate it!

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@jsnyder82: it worked. Thank you so very much sir I appreciate your generosity!

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Xbox1 or PC, I would very much like to get into the beta! :D

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E-Beggin for an X1 code

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I need an Xbox One code in my life.

Edit: Ended up buying a code off a scalper. Decent price I guess, 5 dollars. The ones they're selling are real if you want to go crazy and buy one. They have a system for getting codes. It's hell of shady even without the 5 dollars.

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XB1 Code would be greatly appreciated!

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Accidentally received an Xbox One key: 2YT46-QFPX4-WH4VF-YF9K6-PC6VZ

@pilotxian Ah shit. Sorry, duder. Didn't think it would go so fast. Best of luck...

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man..... keep refreshing my email trying to see if I get a beta key

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I've signed up with a few of my e-mail accounts, so if I get any extra keys I'll post them here.

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@patchcoat: Tried it but it's gone. That was fast! Thanks a bunch though!

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Would love a PC code if anyone has one floating around.

Scratch that just got one, if I do get an email it will go to the GB community.

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i would love a pc code if anyone has it to spare please

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I really must say if you do have a code you should probably PM it to someone specific, preferably first come first serve. Also you may want to take premium memberships or post counts into account so you give it to someone who's invested in the site.

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Looking for a code for Xbox One.

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I would really like a PC Code. The Titanfall website is borked and I can't even apply to the beta :-/

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i would love an Xbox One code. website is ballsed for me as well

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I would like a pc code if anyone has one...

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Duders get this awful XBONE code off me please!

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@dangerloves: Thanks very much duder! You just made my Friday night!

I signed up for the Xbox One beta using a couple of different email accounts and, if I'm successful, I'll share them here with some fellow duders!

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I'd love an Xbox One code if anyone has an extra

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Anybody got a spare Xbox one code could they please PM me.

Thanks :)

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If someone has a leftover PC code, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!