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I would love an Xbox one code.

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I'd kill for a code for either the X1 or PC. I had planned on doing this for a while, but I'll accelerate the time-table: if I get a key through Giant Bomb, I'll gift 5 annual premium subscriptions at random, plus the code supplier if he or she isn't already a premium member. I've got some stuff in my Steam inventory I an gift too, but probably nothing new or exciting.

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Looking for a XBOX One Code. Greatly appreciate a PM with a code.

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Looking for a XB1 code.

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I would most definitely appreciate a PM with an XB1 code!

I applied for one, as well, so if I end up getting it through that, I'll be sure and bring it to this thread.

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If i manage to get the an extra ill be sure to post it here. on xbone btw.

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Would love an XBone key

will share here if I get an extra

PM please

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I would be super stoked for a PC code. It looks like Respawn isn't going to send me one.

I got my key!

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anyone still want a XBONE key, not sure if it will work as I now have my pc code?

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@spyder335: I'm in the market for an XB1 key, so I'm willing to try! Feel free to PM the code.

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4 mins too late lol

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I was one of the people that got a Xbox one code instead PC. Be warned I had to send in this code to get origin to flag my account for the PC, so I don't if it actually works for the xbox. But if you want to give a try here you go. Let me know if it worked.


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@bd: It worked! As the gift options appear to be down, I'll contact Rorie about providing 5 one-year memberships for random members of the community. If I can get a PC code, I'll make it ten.

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Any Xbox one codes left?

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Seems like a pretty fun game, to bad it's only on xbone and pc. I signed up for a pc code (probably too late though since i had trouble logging in on my phone) but i'm not a fan of mouse and keyboard but i wanted to give it a shot

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some more codes went out, anyone have a spare they can share with me?

I wanna plaaaaaaaaaaaaay

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xbox one code if you can spare it!

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Fuck everyone else in this thread. GIVE ME THE KEY.

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Anyone with an extra PC code, I'd love it. Nothing to trade but I can make an avatar or something if you'd like, I have graphic design experience

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@andorski said:

Fuck everyone else in this thread. GIVE ME THE KEY.

who has a key???

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I can offer 500 million isk for a xbox one code!

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Pc code here.


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Looking for PC code if any generous soul has an extra.

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I'd be pretty happy if someone could " lend " me a PC code. The game looks fun, and I mainly want the code to see if my PC can handle it at acceptable settings before I get too excited about the game. (It probably can, but better safe than sorry!)

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i managed to snag one from twitter so if mine ever comes in ill post it here.

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Have a spare Xbone key. To those concerned about getting it to run on PC it's not demanding at all, if you've been playing anything from the past three years this'll run like butter. Underneath the new lighting engine and such is Valve's Source engine. It's actually quite refreshing not having nonsense lens flares and motion blur and other stuff, keeps the game focused and tight. What visual flares are in there all feel like they should be there, if that makes any sense.

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I am also looking for a PC code, if anyone has one available.

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looking for pc code, thanks in advance

edit:i got a code already

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I'd take a PC code as well, if someone has one to spare. Thanks!

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I wouldn't mind a PC.

I'm 6 feet tall, blonde hair, and like walks on the beach holding hands :).

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Don't dare giving me a PC key! I double dare you! I'm serious I don't want it!

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Xbone code: 27MWY-WVQG4-XQJJ3-F6W7V-KQJHZ

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Looking for a PC code if anyone gets one, thanks!

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I'll just be honest. I'm an asshole , give me a PC key.

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@chris2klee: Thank you so much. I was like, I'm waisting my time enterring this long ass code. And then, it worked!!! colour me happy. Thank you very very much!

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Does anyone have a bone beta code I got a PC one to swap if anyone interested

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@chris2klee: Thank you so much. I was like, I'm waisting my time enterring this long ass code. And then, it worked!!! colour me happy. Thank you very very much!

You're welcome, enjoy!

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Went to bed thinking I was for sure going to have a X1 code waiting for me but nopes :(

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I'd love a pc code if anyone had one!

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Anyone got a spare PC-key? I'd really appreciate getting in on the beta this weekend :)

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I'd be extremely grateful for a Xbox One code!

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I have nothing to say, the code is gone!

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@49th: I'll take it if it's still available.

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LF PC code. A PM would be much appreciated. I'll be your day late Valentine!

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Still waiting for that magical Email - waiting for a XB1 code! If someone gives me one, I will post mine here if I ever get that dang email.

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@49th: Thank you so much! It worked! If I eventually receive another code from respawn I'll be sure to post it here.

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If you want a PC code(It might work for Xbox One also) you can go to and talk to a support rep and they will add it to your account if you ask nice. You might have to wait an hour for a available rep though. It just worked for me.

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I would appreciate a PC code- I've heard that the servers are down at the moment, but it would be nice to be ready to play when they go back up.

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Would anyone be willing to trade an XBone code for a PC code?

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I have another pc code if anybody wants it.