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I just got another code for some reason (not sure if others are getting multiples) so I'll just post it here. Nothing fancy. Whoever gets it first go for it. Just let me know you got it.


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@kishinfoulux: Got it, Thank you so much!!

If I ever get mine I'll post it here.

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Origin: 64E6-R3QX-3A9S-Z3MK-DXBW

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If anyone gets an extra PC code please message me, thanks!

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Code for a duder

Xbox One: G6V2C-GP9C9-R93XY-3XHK6-RGDFZ

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I'd love a PC code. Registered, but still haven't gotten one. Been checking my email every five minutes :) Just msg me, thanks!

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@ibaq said:

Code for a duder

Xbox One: G6V2C-GP9C9-R93XY-3XHK6-RGDFZ

Thanks so much for this! I was real bummed out when I didnt get one yesterday. You just made my weekend.

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I don't have another beta code to give out but here's a code for $20 off COD Ghosts (PS4) from Amazon if anyone's interested: 2Z9P-3EY7WQ-VW43NT

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Got a 2nd xbox one code so thought I would share


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I got an extra one now since they finally sent one to me. PM me if you want it. Will give preference to Premium Subscribers and then time asked given multiple people.

Edit: Pretty sure it's gone now.

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Both Xbox One

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@noobsauceg7: It's Xbox. And I sent it to a dude. Dunno if it was the version he wanted actually come to think of it. Should've mentioned it.

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For Xbox One.. without ? it would just be iant Bomb (it's a G)

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Have another code. This time it's a XBONE code. who wants it?

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I would love a PC code if anyone has a spare. Thanks, duders!

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Both are for Xbox one.

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I've got an extra Xbox One code:



Edit: Gone

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Here's a spare Xbox One code


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PC code

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Xbox One code. Hope it works.

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Here you go duders!

Xbox One Code: M2MYK-4TXGJ-4XY6D-3RFW2-9X9RZ

Let me know if ya got it!

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Does someone have some space PC codes?

If you have sent it to me... pls

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Hey guys,

Here's an Xbox One code: K27Y9-HFV9G-DFQQP-V6VP6-MWRQZ


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Looking for a PC beta code. I have some stuff to trade on Steam if you have one. Thanks!

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Hey, guys. I got an Xbox One code through Microsoft's Expertzone and don't have an Xbox One! If you have a PC key and want to trade, send me a message.

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@philberto: Got it! Thank you very much!

Should EA/Respawn be kind enough to send a code my way, I'll be sure to pass it on here.

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Here's a code for any duders with an Xbox One! Enjoy


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@spree4567: hey thanks duder. Time to see what the fuss is all about. :)

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If anyone has a spare PC code, I would love one. And you, if you give it to me!

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Man, these guys really love sending me beta keys. Found my 3rd one this morning.

I only needed my first Xbox One key!


Xbox One Spare: FR3D3-3RMXV-CDHG3-MYG4C-29QMZ

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Hi i need pc key pls help me guysss!!!!

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Hey there a PC key would be much appreciated. Cheers.

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Does anyone know if they stopped sending out keys via e-mail? I signed up yesterday morning via Origin and haven't seen anything yet. Once they stop I'll probably have to give up on getting in and give Loadout a shot this weekend.

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Ok, for some odd reason EA/Respawn sent me yet another PC key so have at it duders. Again remove the [GIANTBOMB].


@russman588: I got this key like 5 hours before I'm posting this so yeah it seems like they are still sending out keys.

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Ok, for some odd reason EA/Respawn sent me yet another PC key so have at it duders. Again remove the [GIANTBOMB].


@russman588: I got this key like 5 hours before I'm posting this so yeah it seems like they are still sending out keys.

Wow that went quick :( I'm confused that they are sending several keys out to the same people...

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They are sending out keys until 17th Feb something, something.... so i hope i still have a chance at getting a key... even a tiny bit one for PC :3

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Xbox One key:

Hope it works.

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Got a spare XBONE key, first person to PM me about it gets the code

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I also now have a spare Xbox One key - PM me if you want it. Don't want to risk bots grabbing it.

Code's gone. If I get a PC code too, I'll find a good home for it from this thread.

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Pls send me a Pc key or i cry xD T_T

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Ich tausche einen 66% Rabatt Enclave Ein vs Pc Key on steam