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I got an extra X1 code. PM me and I'll give it to one of you guys.

EDIT: The code got snatched, sorry guys.

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who can send me a Titanfall Pc key ? =D pm ? XD

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Got an extra Xbox One key, hit me up with a PM if you want it!

EDIT: It has been claimed.

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No keys more ?

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ok Guys i have a Xbox 1 Key and trade it vs a Pc key send me a Pm :)

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I don't have an Xbox One yet so here's my Xbox One code: FVYVT-K9V7H-XXFGD-R7446-39G7Z, Let me know it worked. Enjoy!

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well.... I doubt I'm getting it, keep hitting f5 on my email account, nada

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@jsnyder82: If you still have it, it would be nice to play it on my PC. PM me if you do still have it :)

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Just so you guys know, the xbox one version is gonna be available to everyone soon. I'm not sure about the PC version.

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Just so you guys know, the xbox one version is gonna be available to everyone soon. I'm not sure about the PC version.

where did you get that info from? The official site doesn't say anything about it going public at all.

If anybody wants to trade for a pc code, i still have a bunch of the humble bundle EA games i haven't redeemed. Battlefield 3, mirrors edge etc. Basically everything except MOH and Burnout paradise on steam. Probably never going to redeem any of them lol.

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If anyone has an extra PC code it would make my day if you were able to PM it to me,


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I have 2 codes X1 and pc

anyone still need them?

pc now gone still have X1

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I could use a PC code. I'll be sure to pass on whatever extra codes I end up getting here too

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it's raining codes, and I keep hitting f5 on my email account and nada.


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Here's an xbox 1 code, the ? is the last letter of the alphabet.


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@crithon: just sent yoiu a code

and yeah it is weird some people get them others dont Ive gotten 4 or 5 codes now

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@spyder335: oh well thanks anyway.

If anyone gets an extra pc code PLEASE let me know!

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I guess add my name to the list of people that would love a PC key. Thanks folks.

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*Enter stupid pun* See, I made that joke all for you! Now, may I please have a PC beta code???

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The forces that be have decided to send me a XONE code instead of the PC one I asked for, so here!


???- The dude from Futurama was named Philip J. ???

Still on the lookout for a PC code

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I finally got my code this afternoon. The XB1 beta is going wide later tonight, but if someone wants to get in before it rolls out to their console, have at you:


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heres my last xone code

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Thats a Xbone code, thanks ea for sending me one for a console i dont own, but at least a cool duder will get to play!

A pc code would be awesome

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XB1 code


hope someone has fun.....

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If you got the wrong type of Titanfall beta key, they recommend you try this:

  1. On EA Help – Search for Titanfall and select Contact Us.
  2. Select PC as the Platform, and click Next
  3. Select the Topic – Demo/Beta and type in Eligibility Issue in the subject line, and click Next
  4. Click on Email Me.
  5. On the next screen, when asking for What type of Demo/Beta issue you are having, select Eligibility
  6. Enter the Titanfall Beta code that is not working as the description of the problem.
  7. Select Submit.
  8. You will receive a new PC code within the next two hours.
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Follow up, the help site is broken for a lot of people

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Decided to unlock this and leave it open for the time being until the PC beta goes wide open.

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@kishinfoulux: Got it, Thank you so much!!

If I ever get mine I'll post it here.

Awesome. Glad it was a duder and not just some lurker. Hope you're enjoying.

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Send me a PC key or I'll punch you and make you cry.

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Any duders have an extra pc key they would like to share ;)

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I ha ve teso beta key change titanfal beta pc key pls send me pm your need beta key?

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If anyone has a spare PC key I would be very grateful. Thought I would not be able to play but find myself with a free day today.


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Yeahhh, if anyone wants to shoot a PC code to me, that'd be cool. I know they're opening it soon but the wait is painful :'(

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Locking this down so that more people don't register just to beg for a key to a beta that ended weeks ago.