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The Live Map

  • Group members are marked with names/nicknames
  • Orange dots with numbers are other players or groups
  • "Vendor NPCs"/Store locations are displayed as yellow diamonds
  • Dynamic event locations marked with blue dots
  • Orange and blue shaded areas of the map. Orange area marked as "Dark Zone"
  • Large orange circle around the NYC Office of Emergency MNG. Label next to it says "Secure". Possible Safe House location?
  • Bridges end with destination markers. Possible map loading at these points, think Borderlands 2 zoning
  • Cycle through the various Points of Interest
  • Update POI/uncover more POI by exploring the environment (finds "The Underground", sound effect is played when POI is discovered)
  • Player is possibly able to share updated POI with teammates


  • Health and ammo on bar and in number format
  • XP awarded for kills. More xp for harder NPCs
  • Players have points to spend on unlocking skills
  • Damage output shown when shots connect with a target
  • New weapon found as loot shows name, damage range, accuracy range, magazine size, and attachment capabilities
  • Active skills or perks shown below health bar
  • Group buff from the Tablet player showing an increase of 20 damage
  • Group members shown with status, health, perks, AFK status, and a symbol for whether they are playing on the ground or from a tablet
  • Group members shown with clan tag
  • Group members currently using voice comms is illustrated by animated sound waves shown next to their names/nicknames on your hud as well as next to their characters and corresponding character names in the actual gameplay environment
  • Main player's Skill perk called "Pulse" acts like sonar or wallhack. Locates nearby enemies and highlights them through walls with red. Can reveal useful information about targets. Effect has a countdown until it wears off. A red bar is signaling the cooldown time of that ability
  • Enemy players' names and clan name shown after player uses the skill "Pulse"
  • Other seen Skills: Group Heal, Distraction Device, Indomitable (Anti Crowd Control), Adrenaline Boost, Seeker Mine, Deployable Turret
  • Separate section called Talents
  • Items highlighted by UI in the environment: Food, water, Med kit, Weapon type
  • A player is able to scan NPCs for infection
  • A player is also able to scan a body and see the cause of death
  • Map in the police station can be used to update your player map. Possibly allows you to find events that other cannot
  • Extraction countdown of 90 seconds shown after flare is launched
  • Extraction countdown continues even though the group has been engaged by enemy players
  • Red lines connecting close enemies. White line connecting teammates.This is possibly meant to keep you from accidentally firing upon a friend. This might indicate that friendly fire is possible, these lines might also show whether you are within buff/heal/ability range which is a system used in Ghost Recon Online

Extracted from conversations between the players

(i) After they've found "The Underground" location, they decide to go to the "The Police Station" first. This conversation lets us know that players are free to choose which missions they want to take on, and in which order. Some events can be Dynamic, and that means that those might be more pressing in terms of time/availability. "The Police Station" which is under attack is a more Dynamic situation than "The Underground" which is as far as we know just an entrance to some kind of instanced zone, hence they go to the station first to help the police officers. They kill the NPC occupants and free the imprisoned NPC police officers

(ii) When looting the weapon in the police station, paraphrased, Bronson tells the player, Nick, to better get the gun out of there before he loses it. The next that happens in the trailer is that they decide to evacuate using a flare gun (90 sec delay) and while it counts down they are ambushed by an enemy squad of players. Indicates that you need to get to your safe-house to save your equipment to have it available for your next "Go-bag". Indicates looting NPCs will be key. Indicates looting other players will be possible. Indicates losing unsaved equipment to enemy players will be possible

Extracted from Ubisoft's site(s) / misc

  • - The players are agents, trained to work alone or in smaller groups. Like an Anti-terror cell, in case of total breakdown in the chain of command
  • - Seamlessly engage in PVP, player-to-player trading, and experience suspenseful scenarios where danger can come from anywhere and anyone
  • - Loot fallen foes and craft new, improved gear
  • - Customize your go-bag (Assumed to be your current load-out which can be changed when you're in your Safe House)
  • - Customize your agent's weapons with mods, add additional gear to your kit, skills to perform in combat and "much more"
  • - Communicate with the other agents at all times with your smart watch
  • - Tablet/Smart Phone supported gameplay with an app that allows you to get a bird’s eye view of the battlefield, the ability to attack enemies and to place targets for your allies or enhance their capabilities; using "exclusive characters" as your presence in the game while on the Tablet/Smart Phone; assuming the Trailer can be used as a reference; a gun-ship/drone passes as a "character" in this regard

Objective based

Secure the city OR Further destabilize the city. Players are fighting each other; indication of three sides to a conflict involving the release of a virus causing infections (see above; player scans civilian NPC and spots an infection but is low on "packs"), usually one side is good the other is bad; but we think the NPCs that can be fought will be cannon fodder for both sides of Players so the NPCs can be considered the third side of the conflict. The Ubi site mentions that the city status responds to the players' choices; which means it could turn for the better, or worse depending on the players. We don't know yet if this is a round-based game, where the game can actually be won, or if it is designed to go on forever without a proper Reset similar to PlanetSide

PC version is a realistic possibility

At this point in time it has only been announced for the XBONE and PS4. However. The Crew (the open-world driving game) which is also developed by Ubisoft has been getting the same, Next-Gen Consoles PR treatment at E3 and in interviews; but not long ago duders found a line-up of covers on the Ubisoft website (a small image of three covers) and one of them turned out to be a PC cover for The Crew. A version that has not yet been announced, which leaves hope for PC players that The Division will appear on all three major platforms as well; XBONE, PS4 -and- the PC

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This looks really good. And Since I heard its free to play i will definitely check it out.

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Looks cool.

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Definitely one of my most anticipated titles, the trailer actually made me a bit giddy. I love Day Z/survival based games as well as squad-based shooters, so I'm down. Not to mention it looks stunning. It's weird how many people thought that the voice chat was NPC voice acting. They were clearly trying to mimic what a typical game session might sound like.

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It looks neat, definitely. I'd just like to see the bigger picture. For something touted as a massively online game, they didn't do much to show that besides the pull out at the end. Still, it's very pretty.

Destiny doesn't sell itself as massive, but that moment in the demo when two other player squads suddenly joined the public event was really cool.

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It looks pretty good. I worry about the shooter/RPG mix. At the point when I shoot a regular ass man 16 times and he doesn't go down I start to feel agitation. Mass Effect at least can say they have kinect shields or some shit. I wonder how they'll combine the multiplayer portion with the heavily scripted portion.

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I really like the what we've seen of this game. Most of all I think its visually excellent. Granted i'm on a 360 and an outdated PC, so i'm a little behind of where graphics are at. But that's one of the best parts moving into a next gen. I really wonder how the MMO aspects drops you in with other players. Is it more instanced or a larger persistent world?

@darji said:

This looks really good. And Since I heard its free to play i will definitely check it out.

F2P sounds interesting, as long as we can't buy PVP breaking equipment. The video leading up to this trailer was starting to turn me off, glad to see it's a game I can look forward too.

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Honestly this looks like it could be a lot of fun. It is taking the concepts of a co-op game like Left 4 Dead, along with the AI, scavenging the world for goods, teamwork, etc... and applying it to a larger world that also includes encountering other players who are also looking to survive. As a premise, the game seems like it could be really engaging. Only time will tell whether or not the game will deliver, but it looks very promising right now. Also, it's gorgeous.

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Graphically looks incredible. I'm loving this new trend.

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I'll buy it and I'll play it if I can play the game solo.

I really dislike playing with other people.

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Now this looks nice

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I can't wait to play Tom Clancy's Detroit Simulator. Hopefully, it doesn't have a cliche zombie/infected mechanic.

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This is Game of the show for me as of now. Really got me excited.

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@veiasma: There is an infection in the game which is core to the story, but I hope you are right that it is not a zombie virus. I don't believe it is.

OP Updated with some early days stuff.

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Yeah, this looks pretty damn radical. Game of the show for me, until now. Can't wait to play this.

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you should add all this stuff to the wiki duder!

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Probably just my head, but I keep thinking about the resistance fighters in Half-Life when I see the characters in this game. They're sort of geared up in a similar way; even with a faction/(guild) armband showing a symbol or logo. Even though the player characters in The Division are supposed to be trained agents, they are resistance fighters either on a good or 'bad' side of the conflict or so we believe.

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Glad I saw this thread. Somehow I missed this game during the conferences. It looks awesome.

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looks so crisp. feels very now, as in... now all I want to do is play this game.

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@darji said:

This looks really good. And Since I heard its free to play i will definitely check it out.

I'm not happy if it is Free to play, but it seems like a lot of new games will somehow incorporate the free to play option. At least it is a nice way for players to try the game before committing money. If it becomes too much about spending real money, this is not the game for me though I fear, as I don't like to be reminded of stuff I can get for real money in-game around every turn, or perhaps they have limitations like bank space etc to make the experience feel more limited for a free player per usual free to play standards.

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By all accounts it sounds and looks more like a dungeon crawler or an MMO type game rather then an actual RPG.

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@tennmuerti: Yes, well a hybrid certainly; in terms of character progression we don't know whether we can invest points in say 'aiming/agility/endurance' etc; we know there are Skills and something else called Talents. We gain xp, so I assume there are thresholds and when those are reached we earn a point or multiple points we can spend on improving/expanding our character's possibilities.

We don't know whether there are just these fragmented contextual missions; or Story Missions as well, but I actually think a Story could be possible here if they are borrowing some elements from Borderlands which does both. Instances will probably be plentiful and they can make a story, even a branching one if those are used correctly; maybe for a singleplayer story, or a story which can be shared.

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@funkydupe: Regarding the section "Trailer NPC Dialogue". Those are not NPCs, they are other players, Bronson and Megan. Just like the other dude that comes into their game in the airship at the police station. That is not an NPC, it is another one of their friends, an actual player.

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@darji said:

This looks really good. And Since I heard its free to play i will definitely check it out.

Its not an mmo. There is a difference between online rpg and MMO. Therefore you'll only have to buy the disc like every other game. But it won't be "free to play" in the classic sense, that would imply downloading it for free like Dusk. This aint it.

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@funkydupe: Regarding the section "Trailer NPC Dialogue". Those are not NPCs, they are other players, Bronson and Megan. Just like the other dude that comes into their game in the airship at the police station. That is not an NPC, it is another one of their friends, an actual player.

Sorry; I did know that. I made a mistake. I will correct the headline.

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that little animation touch at 3:37 is really cool, a small thing but its the kind of thing i love

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One thing I find really cool, is the main dude, Chris, is playing from an android tablet. And it tells him in the HUD who is playing how in his "squad".

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@rabidcentipede said:

One thing I find really cool, is the main dude, Chris, is playing from an android tablet. And it tells him in the HUD who is playing how in his "squad".

No, I believe Chris is the player who appears as the flying drone, and then leaves again after helping them. He is AFK for most of the gameplay (grayed out).

The player we see the game from is called "Nick".

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@funkydupe: I just have beef with people calling these types of games RPGs, I wouldn't call Diablo an rpg, WoW an rpg or Borderlands an rpg. Most games these days have some sort of character progression and gear customization that doesn't make them all rpgs or at this point CoD/BF could be called an rpg. Fallout is an rpg, Witcher is an rpg, Alpha Protocol is an rpg, Diablo is a dungeon crawler, WoW is an mmo, Borderlands is a shooter/dungeon crawler hybrid. Choices and consequences in small scale and large scale narrative is what defines proper rpgs for me.

It's what felt grating about the Ubisoft press conference reveal "and we got this new RPG game!", no you don't you have a shooter with perks and loot (which is totally fine) :/

I actually really like what I've seen of the game both graphically and game play wise and can't wait to see more. But fuck don't call an apple an orange, your apple already looks really tasty.

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Ubisoft once again taking the gold with E3 this year. Well, I say the gold but for me it's a really tough tie between this and MGSV.

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Awesome thread man thanks for compiling all this stuff

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@tennmuerti: I understand. I don't think I'd go as far as to say CoD/BF are RPGs just because you rank-up; but I believe in room for hybrids under the RPG umbrella. it is a way for them to gain some attention from the group of players they want to attract; players that care about character and story progression rather than mindless shooting. :) There is a lot yet that we don't know about the mechanics and gameplay. I do understand where you are coming from though, but I think that the lines of clearly defined genres are more blurry than perhaps they were before.

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Whatever the heck this game is I am already interested. I am really looking forward to some non scripted gameplay footage.

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@artemesia: Yes, I agree. I'm telling myself to not be carried away though; games usually never turn out the way I think/hope they do. I like the setting, the fact that it is multiplayer focused (f2p or no), and that the player characters look great and animate well; that's a start.

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@funkydupe: oh, no, I understand. I have been playing games just about non stop for 17 years. Just watching that footage is enough to give me a very good idea of how it will feel to play. The content and systems at work are what interest me. I want to know how much I can visually customize my character, the scope of the game world(it seems to be implied that all of New York is what they were going for; THAT would be awesome), if PVP is always on or if it is only something you opt in to through certain actions(my tummy tells me that the flare gun extraction is a slight wait before you are fast traveled back to your base, reducing the risk of dying on the way back but opens you up to being attacked by players)... the game already has my interest enough that I have spent time speculating how it works, so I will let that be a good indicator that I want it hehe

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Using that flare gun in a hostile environment is like signaling: "Here we are! Come and loot our new stuff before we can go save it!". I guess it beats walking back to a safe house in the interest of saving time. If they make fast-travel available for other locations as well, a big city zone could seem a lot smaller as a result, hence I hope they come up with a reason to limit it; like saving fuel or whatnot.

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Short video trailer focused on showing a player as she controls a drone; marking targets, buffing her team's players' damage output, debuffing enemies, and firing an air to surface missile. She can toggle and view the helmet cam feeds of her team. The drone is capable of zooming in and out as well as apply visual filters.

We can also hear a sample of what the soundtrack of the game will be like.

The drone seems like an obvious, powerful buff-bot in terms of offensive/scouting roles but weak structurally if spotted. A priority target. In one of the camera angles seen from a player on the ground, the drone seems to be hovering at a very low altitude with regards to the enemy characters and with no roaming movement, as if not under any immediate threat even though a firefight is playing out. The drone flies lower than the footage we see from the tablet's own point of view. Why aren't the enemies spotting the drone. Can NPCs have drones helping them out? What happens when a player drone gets destroyed? A cool-down and attempt number two, or will the players have to save money to salvage/repair/rearm or even replace the drone in order for a player to use Drone mode again? Are there different types of drones?

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I know it might not come out this year, but this is still the one game where I want to see an updated "e3" demo of the game as it stands now. I really hope we see the game again at this year because I would love to know if the game is really going to do what they had hoped.

Are they really able to do a persistent and dynamic environment that is more like an RPG action game, or will it just seem like a co-op shooter? The promise of anew generation often comes with big claims, but will they do what they set out to do, or will this game just be an unfulfilled promise?