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When Walking through the Police Station level

Have you ever noticed when you open the door and enter the prison area In Splinter Cell for PS2. You can see prisoners but they never move there stuck.

Here's a photo

I always wondered what ever happened to those prisoners, were they killed? Were they put on sleeping shots so they would wake up hours later. Who knows :o

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These are the questions that torment me every night.

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Just like life, you never get all the answers.

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There's only one prisoner if I recall. Maybe he's sleepy, but he DOES talk. Skip to 12:45 -

I don't really see the need for prisoner animations, maybe a technical limitation?

Either way that's one area you don't want to stay in for long because of all the light and the guard up ahead.

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I see I always wondered that to :o

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Who hasn't noticed it? There are more threads about this than there are about ME3's ending.

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The real question is, has anybody here ever noticed this?

I'm asking cause this was an easteregg that the developers revealed after some time cause nobody found it , which is pretty unusual.

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What about that thing in Pandora Tomorrow where the maid in LAX soils herself if she sees you? Anyone else remember reading/seeing that?

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@abendlaender: The reason nobody noticed it was because it was on the 6th generation version of Double Agent. I doubt very many people bought that version.

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Maybe you people are right. If they did animate the prisoners, then they would yell out for help that would raise allot of alert and give Sam away easy. And make him discoverable.

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Hey i remember that, you get to the end of that level and there are clear screen curtains that have THE BEST PHYSICS I HAD EVER SEEN IN A VIDEO GAME til that point. Man the water in this game was also mind blowing.

In fact, this game was technically pretty fucking amazing.

Basically if you played this game at the time, or any for that matter, things like this were expected to be dressing. So having animation on anything so miniscule as a background prisoner would of registered as an amazing thing. Games kind of work like this, in five years everyone will be talking about how bad facial animation is now and how in the hell we accepted it.

This is why playing any sort of aged game is always a bad idea to your memories of it. This game is currently in an inbetween time of retro and now, making it silly. Kind of like everything made for screen in the 90's. In another 5 years time this will hit retro, and we all make fun of ps3 titles.

EDIT - omg i just watched the video above and saw the curtains...WHYYYYYYY. Basically you guys are too young and ONE DAY you will have your moment. Fuckers.