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I had zero interest at first, but I am lacking some stealth action in my gaming library (besides the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection). I am just Blacklist is going to be longer than Conviction, that's the only thing stopping me from picking it up day one.

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i've heard it's between 9 and 14 foot.

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You mean between 2.7432 and 4.2672 meters, everybody knows games use the metric system, gawd!

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It's a two disk game on the 360 if that helps.

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The developers have been saying this is the biggest Splinter Cell to date, and that it's longer than Conviction's 6 hour campaign. I'm guessing around 9 to 12 hours based on the 13 single-player missions count, then factor in the comparable co-op/single-player content and the Spys Vs. Mercs adversarial multiplayer and you should be set for quite a while stealth-wise.

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Where is the marketing for this game? I completely forget it existed until this thread.

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@alecofthewest: On IGN mostly, link.

None of Giant Bomb's resident personalities seem to have any fondness toward the franchise (or stealth games in general), so you kinda have to look elsewhere for your Splinter Cell coverage.

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@alecofthewest: There was a trailer on this site just a few days ago, but here is the most recent trailer:

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So basically from previews I can tell you that the whole game revolves around your HQ in a plane. Singleplayer, multiplayer and co-op are all acessed from it. The HQ can be upgraded through your play styles. There are main missions and side-missions? (see the achievement list). I'd say you've got at least 9 hours of singleplayer content +co-op and then there is multiplayer.

But I mean it's all relative. I can finish chaos theory in like 2 hours and the world record speedrun is 20 minutes and 23 seconds so....

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@vinny_says: I am happy speculating 9 hours, Hell 6 hour games still take me a week or two to beat. Since I only get to play maybe 30 minutes at a time.

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I'm looking forward to this game. At this point I'm figuring out what current-gen releases I still want to buy.

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I'm going to guess and say 6 hours tops, and about 4 hours for co-op.

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Man, I loved Conviction! My cousin and I played the crap out of co-op so I cannot wait for this one!

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10-12 hours max

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It's pretty long.