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Alas, fancy hair still cost 20 frames and apparently tesselation isnt fixed.

Performance is better though.

Remember, if you have a nVidia card and want all post effects run the game in exclusive fullscreen.

i5 3550, gtx 670, 8GB RAM

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what's yo card?

what's exclusive fullscreen?

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What is tesselation exactly? I have it turned on but I don't know what it does. I turn the hair off.

And I swear this game updates every time I quit out of it.

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so tessellation actually does not work i thought i could see no difference when i switched it off? and i was gonna show a neat little trick to get post affects to work in fullscreen looks that i dont need to now . wish the hair was fixed just starting second play through because i had only one collectible to get but it was glitched and it bugged the hell out me plus i just want to play it again.,lara's back baby.

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tesselation generates additional polygons to smooth blocky things into smooth things. for example a hexagonal wheel would become circular.... boobs become rounder. sometimes, something that is a flat texture can become polygonal. like the bandage on her leg. Or the pockets on her ass.

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@handlas: I think it has something to do with splitting shapes into smaller parts to make for smoother appearances. So rounded objects would appear to be less polygonal, for example. Not 100% sure though.

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your both right. gold star's awarded.

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Sweet. This patch is from Eidos' side, improving stability on Intel/Nvidia systems and fixing fullscreen effects. Once the patch from nvidia arrives, we should see improved performance in the TressFX and overall performance.

@killacam: Exclusive Fullscreen uses every pixel of your display for the game, instead of a fullscreen window that still shows the toolbar and window icons around the edges.