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I was glancing through the multitude of screenshots I've taken within Tomb Raider. Two caught my eye:


Now, let's get a closer look.

Computer: rotate, enhance, and adjust exposure for clarity!

There you have it, folks. Is all credibility lost? I'm not one to make that call. But in the words of one Bradley Shoemaker: "I've changed my mind. This game is bullshit."

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heh. I'm not surprised her watch isn't working anymore. Have you seen what she's been going through? That watch is just lucky a spike isn't shoved through it.

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I'm more concerned that despite how bloody, muddy, and beat up Lara gets, her watch is the cleanest fucking thing in the world next to her hair.

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Uhh no. Its not broken. Shes in the Dragon Triangle. Its magic man. Time doesnt pass...

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It's 5:00 somewhere....

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Holy shit. She's on the Island from Lost!

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Why is her arm cracked up like that?

Wait nevermind, I guess it's just mud.

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Why is her arm cracked up like that?

Huge fucking end game spoilers:

She's actually made out of ceramic.

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@butano said:

It's 5:00 somewhere....

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Its the time of the shipwreck.

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At least the watch has some baby fat on it. I want to protect that watch.

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Must be British.

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It's a Chinese bootleg watch, which is not actually a watch, just the casing of it with a sticker on the front. Mystery solved!


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dingus women doesnt even realize her watch is broken.

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Games are fucking bullshit now, can anyone say "class action lawsuit" ?

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Square is telling you that watches don't have the agency to tell the right time.

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It's just their way of saying everyone should change to Swatch Internet Time.

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Maybe it's always 5:43 on this strange magic island! They did enter the Dragon's Triangle or whatever it was.

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Even a stopped clock gives the right time twice a day.

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Saw this image on Amazon's bonus app that you can download from buying the game on their site: