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3.4 million is like 1% of what Call of Duty sells in an hour derp

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@iceman228433 said:

Well you can kiss another Sleeping Dogs and Tomb Raider good bye which is too bad because both of those games were amazing. I really did think both of those games tried doing something great in a industry of crap, well like EA learned you only get stomped down for trying to do something great. Also why do I even buy games on Steam if they are never going to count those sales.

There's nothing in that story to suggest they wont make a sequel. They didn't meet their sales goals but the games still sold well and sequels are far cheaper to make.

@psylah said:

Square Enix is a joke.

Over 4 million sales is lackluster, while their near 100 million dollar flop of FFXIII sells a quarter of that in its first month?

They slate 2 or 3 sequels for Final Fantasy XIII on consoles and Tomb Raider (which was actually enjoyable to play, unlike FFXIII) gets thrown under the bus?

They can't be serious.

How is Tomb Raider being thrown under the bus?

They also don't say if the games were profitable or not. They may have been banking on these games to make massive amounts of money to compensate for other games.

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First of all three games got the blame for the CEO stepping down, not just TR. And what I do not get is the cost of price protection being excessive because price pressure being strong, especially in NA(per short article).

Personally, I find AAA titles perhaps facing extinction extremely scary...let alone creative freedom bowing to budgets and release timing w/related 'patch development' instead. It is what it is I guess, just sucks for gamers imo. Heh, I'd pay more at release for games if devs were given more resources/time to make their game per vision unhindered. Used game protection too, I have no problem with if it makes the industry more healthy. Yeah, yeah I know greed and BS will always exist in business.. but they are not sound business practices regardless. Those things will work their way out in due course imo.

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If 3.4 million is not good enough for games....then goddamm are we in for a genocide bloodbath next gen

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Wow 3.4 is a lot more than I would have expected them to sell. How utterly depressing.

Sleeping Dogs and Tomb Raider are great.

@mrfluke said:

If 3.4 million is not good enough for games....then goddamm are we in for a genocide bloodbath next gen

yeah no kidding, this could get fugly fast.

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Ahaha, what the fuck. Those sales numbers are great for a second-/third-tier AAA game like Tomb Raider. They expected too much, spent too much, or both.

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They have some atrocious management in this industry. Until very recently I only thought it was a Polyphony Digital problem but it seems like the incompetence pervades the entire field.