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I have a reasonable computer over here--just played through all of Crysis 3 on it with no issues--yet it seems to sound like a turbine whenever I play Trackmania. It runs and sounds fine, but I feel like it's breaking my computer. Has anyone else experienced this?

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I haven't experienced anything catastrophic with Trackmania 2, but I've had two older computers die on me due to hardware failure while playing previous Trackmania titles. It does spin the fans on my computer to a feverish pitch, though.

The causes might have been unrelated to the game itself, but I certainly don't think Trackmania is efficient with resources.

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Weird. I remember something similar happened with Legend of Grimrock. Forcing vsync stopped the issue, but I don't know how to do that here.

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Hmm, I never seem to have a problem but I do remember my GPU fan sounding louder than usual recently, and I think that was during TM2: Stadium. You might be on to something.

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I bought the game, and I checked the fans immediately after playing, and everything seemed fine... but now I'm liable to never play it again for fear of overheating!

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There is a Vsync option, start settings when launching. Configure>Advanced> Comparability.

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143 frames per second over here, no vsync. I WANT ALL DAT FRAMES.

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Hmmm never thought of Trackmania as a resource hog.

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Vsync should be turned on, turn reflections to low. The game will run smoother and limit frames to 60, therefore it won't have to generate useless frames, no power wasted.

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pretty sure it made my GPU overheat yesterday. I ended up with a lined screen, couldn't tab out, then the computer shut itself down.

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You can turn Vsync on through your graphics card control panel too (both Nvidia and ATI have their own). I keep it always turned on since Sims 3 ran at 800 FPS and crashed my laptop a couple of times. It fortunately works for Trackmania before I even realize that was a problem.