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Doesn't that seem a little high, given that Stadium was $10?

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Wait, did this come out? When?

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It sneaked out, im not sure if it even went on beta (or at least I didnt get picked for it then). Yea its kinda pricey and I hope that it drops in price soonish or im sure there will be no one there. From what I can tell Canyon had the fanbase because it was a brand new trackmania which we hadn't seen in such a long time. Stadium 2 had the fanbase as it had an open beta and came out on steam, so it was easy for people to get and as Jeff has put it, its pretty much dead there now. Valley im pretty sure may kill this franchise sadly as unless they are diehard fans (ive adored trackmania from the start and i dont plan on getting valley unless its reduced) or pro teams in the esports zone this will not sell well.

Maybe they need a free to play model for stadium or something, there are ways where that could potentially work (they have a fake currency already in there)

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Stadium was cheap because it was just TrackMania Nations (a free game) ported to a new engine. There wasn't a whole lot of new content compared to Nations. I guess the Nadeo tracks were new, but no one plays Trackmania for those, it's all about the user created tracks. The tileset was largely identical to the Stadium environment in Nations. There may have been one or two small differences, but nothing major. It was essentially a slightly updated version of a free game.

Valley is (as far as I know) an entirely new environment that has been built from the ground up. It's not just a port of existing content onto a new engine. And the content in the game has never been free. It makes sense that this would be more expensive than Stadium.

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I saw the trailer and thought it looked neat visually; the cars and the environment look nice, I just don't think I'll buy it unless it's heavily discounted during the summer sale.

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Yeah I think their greed (or stupidity on how much to charge for their product) is going to cause them to eventually have to shut down their studio. They're just a single tile set and they think it's worth $20? You can get Rogue Legacy for $15 and that's way more worth the money. You can play Planetside 2 for free, there are too many good options to stick with some asshole company who thinks their shitty little map packs are worth the money they're asking.

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@jams: They sold Canyon for 20$ as well, it was clear from the beginning how much the various games are going to cost

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I take issue with the idea that anything about this series has been clear from the beginning.

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Why the hell is TrackMania Valley cheaper on Steam than from Nadeo directly. Both have 10% off, but it started at £20 on Nadeo's store and £16 on Steam. Man fuck them.

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They are pushing the new Steam Workshop integration hard. I guess they finally realized that Maniaplanet's Manialink and track uploading systems are really bad.

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