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Duders! Let's swap account names and add each other for some leaderboard competition! List your platform and your name!

PS4 - PirateNippie (ie at the end, not le)

#2 Posted by TurboMan (7724 posts) -

PS4 - TurboMan

Come at me, bro.

#3 Edited by lord_canti (1522 posts) -

PS4 - the_chojin99

sounds good im in

-edit- @piratenipple your not coming up on the "find player on psn"

#4 Posted by Dietomaha (114 posts) -

PC (Uplay) - DietOmaha

#5 Edited by PirateNipple (95 posts) -

@lord_canti: weird! I'll have to figure it out when I get home :(

Edit - that's definitely my name, no idea, I added you though, let me know if it doesn't show up

#6 Posted by lord_canti (1522 posts) -

@piratenipple: i got your invite fine, something tells me that nipple is one of those words that is not offensive enough to stop you from using it in your name but enough that some weird person at sony would add it to a list of terms you cant search for

#7 Posted by Quipido (658 posts) -

Yep, the nipple dude is invisble

Add me on PS4: Blade_Ant

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I'll get on this eventually. csl3l6 on PSN (with two L's!)

#9 Posted by sevenLiter (108 posts) -

Yeah, my leaderboards for this game are empty. PS4: dantiger

#10 Posted by Nightriff (5335 posts) -

PS4 - NTylerWeTrust

Feel free to add me and share name, I've going to slowly unfriend people that don't do that so if you have no intention of sharing your name, feel free to pass me by.

Can't wait to finally play a trials game, been tempted since those TNTs a few years back now.

#11 Edited by PirateNipple (95 posts) -

I fixed my name in the OP - my name is piratenippie, with an I instead of an L. I can search for myself and find it. Please add!

(yes, I did that to circumvent the filter whenever I created it)

#12 Posted by TerraDelu (501 posts) -

TerraDelu1 on PS4. Come lay waste to my times!

#13 Posted by Corwag (131 posts) -

ps4 - corwag

Just downloading now, I'll be playing asap.

#14 Posted by twi (64 posts) -

PS4 - mbmsog

I'm in!!!

#15 Posted by flophole (3 posts) -

PS4 - flophole

#16 Posted by Joe_Wildheart (77 posts) -

Xbox One - Joe Wildheart

#17 Posted by Dietomaha (114 posts) -

No one else on PC? :(

#18 Posted by Tajasaurus (975 posts) -

Xbox One - ScientificPizza

i've spent most of my time idling in menus listening to that cool theme tho

#19 Posted by Tearhead (2214 posts) -

PS4: Tearhead

#20 Posted by jimmyfenix (3859 posts) -

PS4: sohail4321

#21 Posted by MindBullet (176 posts) -

This is my first Trials game, but whatevs.

PS4- BeardedJustice

#22 Posted by darkjohnny47 (120 posts) -

add me.

PSN id: darkjohnny47

PS4, by the way.

#23 Posted by jazin (46 posts) -

Xbl: jazin

#24 Posted by SeanCoughing (271 posts) -

Feel free to add me duders! Real name requests encouraged PS4: SeanCoughing

#25 Posted by fazzle (308 posts) -

I didn't have nearly enough people on my leaderboards in Evo, add me on PS4!

id: fazzle1

#26 Posted by Wargarbler (46 posts) -

Add meh,

Uplay PC: Wargarbler

#27 Posted by Vanick (332 posts) -

I'm not very good but feel free to add me.

PS4: Vanick

#28 Posted by Geveeso (26 posts) -

Xbox One: Geveeso

#29 Posted by spookytapes (269 posts) -

PS4: vocalyouth

#30 Posted by Nightriff (5335 posts) -

Jeff is pretty good at the game, I've only beaten him a few times in events. How do you guys like the trick system? I think its kinda dumb and don't really care for it so far.

#31 Posted by dropabombonit (1492 posts) -

PS4: Kingboruc

#32 Posted by Tearhead (2214 posts) -

Jeff is pretty good at the game, I've only beaten him a few times in events. How do you guys like the trick system? I think its kinda dumb and don't really care for it so far.

I think the trick events are a lot of fun. It's frustrating and difficult to grasp at first, but once you understand how it works, maintaining your multiplier while trying to land perfectly is a pretty fun challenge.

#33 Posted by Teoball (638 posts) -

PS4 - Cruelink

#34 Posted by Haruko (322 posts) -

PS4 - Harukochan

#35 Posted by Sanity (1944 posts) -

PS4- Dudy80

#36 Posted by Wargarbler (46 posts) -

I'm guessing the leaderboards are platform specific? More people get PC! :(

#37 Posted by MetalBaofu (1440 posts) -

Add me if ya want. DoctorBaofu on PS4.

#38 Posted by thdemn (98 posts) -

GRTnPWRFLgary on Xbone.

#39 Edited by ImBigInJapan (286 posts) -

I'm barely into the early parts of the game (hockey playoffs to watch!) but I'm BigInJapanGWJ on PSN.

#40 Posted by fazzle (308 posts) -

I challenge all who have added me to come at my time in Temple Trouble!

92nd in the world. holy shit, easily my best ranking in any Trials game.

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if you real name me you will get AnthonyWalkens

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PS4 - largelyignored

#43 Posted by MEATBALL (3469 posts) -

PS4 - Renkse

#44 Posted by TheDew (121 posts) -

PS4 - mountaindew77

I'm buying it tonight, only person on my friends list who has it I think is Jeff

#45 Posted by iconclastman (12 posts) -

PS4 - iconoclastman

#46 Posted by ackbarsoup (7 posts) -

PS4 - ackbarsoup

#47 Posted by _Chad (960 posts) -

PS4 - ChadCMF

#48 Posted by midnightgreen20 (65 posts) -

PS4 - midnightgreen20

#49 Posted by yindotrunks (96 posts) -

Please add me.

Xbox One - yindotrunks

#50 Posted by JahDread_IV (14 posts) -

I need some leaderboard action.

PS4 - DreadTechOne