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Christ, dude.  They have to have this unofficial record.  Jeff himself commented on the Splinter Cell credits, which actually ran so long that I beat the game, watched for a minute, went and had a shower, and they were still on.
I just wrapped up the new Prince game.  Same story.  I managed to watch a couple trailers, make a couple posts and write this out and it's on the Korean localization.
I'm not necessarily complaining, they're skippable, I just find it amusing that all Ubisoft games have somewhere around 3,000 people listed as working on them.  I wouldn't be surprised if I was in there.  Oh, and Balazs Horvath did the compositing.  Just thought you'd want to know.

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It's like everyone and their motha...

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@Brodehouse:  I think it's a good thing that they give credit where credit is due, no matter how significant the person's contribution to the game was.  They recognize that, without all those people, the game wouldn't be as it is.  It's a good thing.
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You should feel bad for their testers... Someone had to sit through all of those and read every name to make sure it was spelled right.
I remember the credits for Metal Gear Solid 2 being extremely long, ten minutes plus I believe... But it probably only sticks out in my mind because they're unskippable so you have to sit through them to get your clear save, and I beat that game quite a few times.

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If I remember correctly Farcry 2 had a very long credit sequence and worst of all it wasn't skippable. A great way to top off a pretty shitty game.... 

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I know Vinny timed Rayman Origins at 20+ minutes last year but anyone aware of potential longer ones? My personal opinion is credits are too long if the controller turns off, and if that is the case have a little video like Bio Infinite that plays halfway through, that was fantastic. Also good music is a plus too.

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Duke Nukem Forever had some long credits too..

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Sleeping Dogs had some pretty long credits. Even with the fast forward button held down they still lasted probably a good several minutes.

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Yeah, I just recently finished Splinter Cell Conviction and hot damn the credits' length is maybe a tenth of the game. It's okay though as long as there's no hidden ending after the roll.

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I can remember that you couldn't skip the credits in the first Assassin's Creed game... Just one extra notch as to why I fucking hated that game.