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I just got a new PS3 Slim, and started downloading all these PS+ games I have saved up over time. I noticed I have Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition because of the service (which is awesome), and probably going to play a few rounds here and there.

So the question I have is, will this be eligible for the Upgrade to Ultra Street Fighter? And if so, how does that work if I buy the upgrade and then I decide to cancel my PS+ service down the line. Does that mean Ultra won't work? Or will it because it's a different game?

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@cloudyimpulse: Yes, it means Ultra will not work if you let your PS+ expire. You will still own the upgrade but you will have to either buy a Super or AE disc to continue playing Ultra. Either way you wouldn't be losing much considering you can find SSF4 and AE around $10-15 almost anywhere.

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It's DLC, so if you bought it and your membership expires you won't be able to play it.

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OK, so that's what I wasn't sure of, if the game was being sold as DLC or as a whole new game with it's own launcher.

Thanks guys.