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It looks like a generic military shooter, right? Does anyone have any experience with this game? Would it be worth the download at all?

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That reminds me that I still need to download stuff for june. I always just download everything unless I already own the game and don't want to play it on PS3.

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It's free. Enough said.

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Yeah, I thought it was ok. I rented it when I first got a Vita and definitely got a few hours of fun out of it. It seemed like there were a lot of levels and it might have got a bit tedious eventually but I quite liked what I played. It's no epic but if you like shooters you might have some fun.

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I'm having a lot of fun with it. I bought the Vita PS Plus bundle that came with a Vita, a year of PS Plus, and a download code for Unit 13. It shows how a third person shooter can work well on the Vita. Sure, it is kind of generic, but still a lot of fun for being free!

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Its free...wheres the problem here? Speaking of PS+ still no word on what is coming for NA PS+ in july! =(

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Its free...wheres the problem here?

Memory card space, mostly. I only have a 16g card, and there is only so much space. Those propriety cards ain't cheap, yo.

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@tajasaurus: Download it and cancel it. It will tie it to your account and let you download any time (as long as you are still a PS Plus member). This is what I do for pretty much every free game they put out.