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Right? Because the story (dull as it might be) left some loose ends so maybe someday a sequel may eventually come. I know I'm grasping at straws here because this game did not sell all that well so chances are pretty slim. It's a shame though because I'll be the first ones to buy it. This game is just pure fun. Definitely the most frenetic game I've played.

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I think it was interesting, but I don't think the story or the gameplay had that much to offer that I'd want to see more or iterations upon them. I hate to be a 'Negative Nancy' but I think there ain't gonna be a sequel.

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I'll be interested in a sequel. The game has some cool ideas, but needs to expand on it more and make the game longer.

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I don't think it'll happen as the game didn't sell all that well and the director no longer works at Platinum. I'd love to be wrong though, this is one of the very best games of the generation.

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Vanquish is amazing but I don't see a sequel happening.

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Not likely, but it would be cool to see. I never thought we'd get a Bayonetta 2 and we are getting that so it's definitely a possibility. As much as I'm a fan of Platinum I'd like to see them trying more new things like The Wonderful 101.

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This game is my favorite character action game of all time. Might even be my favorite action adventure game.

But unfortunately, it is unlikely that Platinum Games will make a sequel since the game's director created a new studio for himself and probably siphoned off some of the staff that worked on this game. And the worst sacrilege of all? Seems like he is making some sort of torture porn game that comes out later this year. Sickening.

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So many games that never got sequels did obvious set ups at the end.