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Poll: Is This Vinny? (182 votes)

OMG YES. 92%
"They stole my face to sell it on stock photos" - Vincent Caravella 06/04/1938

I found this image here:

I think it's Vinny. It's definitely Vinny.

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That, my friends, is Vinny.

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Damn it, I was all set to call you a racist. Instead I need Vinny confirmation.

I hate that Vinny retweeted this photo with no answer. THE WORLD MUST KNOW ABOUT YOUR SECRET MODELING YEARS.

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No, it's Joakim Mogren

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This is the life Vinny lives when GOTY video production is done and Max finally goes to sleep.

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I'm very good at recognizing faces and YES, YES IT IS.

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This is way better than that Patrick look-alike thread.

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Everyone who clicked no is now on the FBI watch list as a terrorist.

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I clicked no because I'm a terrorist I don't think it's him.

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That's eerie.

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Early 20s Vinny with all that glorious hair.

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I choose to believe.

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Nah, the nose is wrong.

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Oh jesus.

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Wow! He has some kind of dead animal on head or something.

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Not only is it Vinny but it's just about the best stock image I've ever seen.

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@thepaleking said:

No, it's Joakim Mogren

The Phantom Pain announcement, and the resultant images of Joakim Mogren, have become my favourite poorly kept secrets ever.

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Holy shit.

Someone should photoshop a gun in that photo.