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I am a huge fan of this game, and recently have gotten back into it. But after so many years, I'm surprise so little information has changed from what was first available when the game was released. There aren't a lot of new images, videos, guides, etc. And I'm not referring to only here on Giantbomb. I don't know how many people are interested in this game, but I'm going to create a guide here on Giantbomb, in case anyone happens to discover it for the first time.

I am going to create a guide with a lot of images, to help people with navigating menus and such, and to aid in translation. Also to show off how amazing this game can be through the power of it's own edit mode.

I all ready have a ton of ideas and will start posting stuff gradually, but I would love to hear any recommendations, ideas, or feedback through out the process.

As of today, this message board is dead, and it'll probably be a while until someone stumbles upon this either by curiosity or accident. But please if you do read this, and have any interest in the game, or knowledge you want to share, let me know! Thanks!

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Let me know how your guide progresses, Im still new to VPW2 and would love to see a decent guide, could possibly help out too