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It's one of those platformers where it's extremely punishing but if you keep calm, memorize and work on your own strategies you can eventually do it perfectly and feel like a total badass. I love the art style and the fact that it has an option for a speedrun HUD. If anyone else has played it tell me what you think. By the way I've only made it to the second section so far lol.

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I'm really interested in this. Remember seeing it a while back. Getting big time arcade vibes from it.

Might grab it if I see some more good reviews. It's on sale for $10 for the next 7 days.

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Needs a Quick Look.

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I don't really get the name Völgarr. Or maybe I'm missing some form of irony. But it looks decent enough.

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Yeah, it's very good. Probably the best "indie" game I've played (at the moment I certainly can't recall playing anything else that's comparable in quality). It's like a mixture of Rastan (which it resembles to the point where you could've fooled me into thinking Taito had brought that old franchise back out of retirement) and Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts. The controls are really tight and the level design is great. It's got some slow, boring spots but so far I've been enjoying it a lot.

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that game looks like it would be best on my console, not steam =(

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that game looks like it would be best on my console, not steam =(

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@icemael: Have you played FTL? :o

Though, after seeing TorNis play this, I'm impressed.

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Good to hear. Isn't it very, very short though?

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@istealdreams: It has controller support.

@truthtellah: No. From what I've seen that's not really a game I'd enjoy all that much, even if it does what it does well.

@morningstar: By modern console game standards, yes. By arcade standards or the standards of action games on consoles in the 80s and early 90s, no. And I really don't think it'd be better if it was longer any more than, say, Castlevania: Rondo of Blood or Contra: Hard Corps would be better if they were longer.

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I remember seeing Robbaz play this months and months ago. I thought it looked sweet back then.

I tried it, and I'm not very good. I was never good at this kind of game, though.

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Yeah, sure looks like Rastan. But hey Rastan is awesome.

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1. See thread title

2. Go to game wiki

3. Read description: "A sixteeen bit bla bla side scrol-- " I'll get back to GTA V now, that retro shit is getting boring.

I love that you're enjoying it, I'm just sharing my initial (and final) opinion as a response to your claim :) No hate!

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1. See Quick Look

2. Go to Steam

3. Putting GTA V (which with all expansions really is GTA 15) back on the shelf. That gangster wannabe shit is getting boring.

Love that you (and most people on this planet) still loves GTA, but I rather play this golden viking god of a game any day. Actually have been all week:) No hate duder!:)

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I'm really loving this game. Never played Rastan, but I owned Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts as a kid and literally loved that shit to death. Seriously, the cartridge doesn't work anymore. And I never even got close to beating it. My double jumping skills definitely translate over to this game. I wanted Capcom to make a new Ghouls 'n Ghosts, but this will do just fine.

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Picked up Volgarr thanks to Breaking Brad today...this game is awesome, takes me back twenty years to the heady days of games like Ghouls n Ghosts and of course Rastan. Definitely not for everybody and I think this type of thing will appeal more to older gamers who may better appreciate the nostalgia and difficulty factor.