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Right now, the wiki for our beloved game is an absolute mess. It has too much information in some areas, not enough in others and most of it is just wrong, especially now with update 11 nor has it really seen any updates in quite awhile. Below is my proposal of what can be changed and added to better make use of Giant Bombs wiki system as well as inform all new and old players. A lot of past players may even be unaware of how much Warframe has changed in the past months.

The Overview

This is the first thing people will see when visiting the page and in its current form, it doesn't sell the game very well at all. I want people to read it, feel intrigued and potentially go download the game. This'll hopefully lead to them having a blast with the game and wanting to join the clan. The overview as it currently stands was probably fine for when it was written as the game was still early but it has since changed so much, the overview doesn't accurately reflect that. Even the tag just makes the game sound so dull and uninteresting and doesn't tell the reader much information at all. With so many F2P third person shooters out there, telling the reader it's one but it's made by DE doesn't matter.


This one is just a matter of updating the story section and tweaking the images to be more cohesive rather than a mishmash of styles currently going on. The 3 main factions also just look like they were copy and pasted from the official site. The lore has also really expanded over the past year with events and introduction of Alad V and others which could be added here.


Individual pages. Yes, I propose that each weapon get its own page. I started this process back in April but due to issues with the site, dozens of pages I created ended up being flagged and were therefore denied. I was eventually able to submit and get a small number of pages approved but the process just took far too long waiting for each one to see if it was actually going to get through the system. I made the table we currently have but it wasn't long after I made it that I really saw an issue with it but never addressed it. If weapons have individual pages, they can take up far less room but contain so much more information. Below is an example of what the new table could look like:

Primary weapons:






As you can see, it's a lot less cluttered and lets the awesome style of the guns stand out rather than a confusing list of numbers that don't mean much to those who are just looking through where the main page can explore further.


I also believe that Warframes should also receive their own individual pages. Warframes are even missing right now and so is a lot of information. The lay out works fine but external pages just like weaons, could surface much more information for those who seek it.


Clans have been in the game for awhile but it was the introduction of the dojo and many more features that made clans much more viable yet we have zero information that this is even a feature within the game. I'd like to see a clan section added mentioning all the features that it brings such as PvP with clan members, trading, etc

I have much more to write but as I'm writing this it's getting late. Please let me know what you think of the changes below and what you'd even like to see.

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It would be nice to have some sort of "development overview" section (separated from the general game overview) detailing the development history and how the updates and PS4/PC cross-playability work. I'm interested in that but have never been clear on it.

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This might sound super dumb and someone might provide an answer in 10 words or less. But I never got a firm grasp of "what level I am" and "what level missions I should be doing". Example, if I have a level 30 super charged warframe with a level 22 primary, level 24 secondary, and a level 20 melee (let's assume all the mod capacities are used up for the sakes of making this easier), then... what "level" is the game considering that as in terms of what missions I should be doing? There are other factors that I'm not even privy to yet like the sentinel, does that add to my level? How about mastery? There were so many levels to everything that I just never learned how all those levels translate to which level of missions I should be doing.

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@lanechanger: It's complicated, but the answer is basically "how badass do you feel?" - there's no way to map your mastery level (account level), equipped weapons, warframe, sentinel levels to an enemy level range, it's all down to what you feel like you can handle.

To make matters more complicated, now, with update 11 all of that has changed - I read some off-hand comment about there having been an enemy level squish and enemies that are now level 40 are equivalent in difficulty to pre-update level 100... but don't quote me on that, as of this time I have not had first hand experience with Update 11.

What I recommend you do, is keep taking on harder challenges until you feel the game start pushing back. At that point, stop advancing and keep fighting that level of enemies until you feel comfortable.

When you start using a new warframe, scale back a bit, unless you are playing with a group of players you know can deal (probably a good idea to inform them, though). If you start using a new weapon - make sure that your other weapon is something you can rely on as a fallback.

The "Mastery Level" is basically a shorthand for how many weapons, warframes, sentinels, sentinel weapons that player have brought to level 30 (Forma-ing has no impact on that number) - it has very little to do with power level. Similarily, you can have a player with a level 30 warframe which is very weak next another player with a very strong build... due to the mod system :)

... it's complicated! :)

As for the wiki... I keep meaning to do something (would be nice to get my wiki points up)...but I barely have time to play the game lately! :P

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@mnemoidian: ok thanks, that's pretty much what I've been doing since I haven't been able to nail down the science of it, it's especially flexible with Loki with his crowd control so I feel like I could help out with support at least in higher level missions, finally built my 2nd warframe though and definitely getting my ass kicked so will have to scale back down, thanks!

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I guess I didn't actually contribute to this thread. I think we should bring up the elephant in the room.

What is this wiki trying to accomplish that isn't already being done in http://warframe.wikia.com/?

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Because fuck Wikia. Why let them have all the glory :P GB should be THE place to go for anything game related but it's a shame that our editing tools are so limited though. Our wiki will never be as detailed as the one one wikia simply because they have hundreds of people editing and tweaking it daily but so much of what's on there is just guess work rather rather than factual data which is what I'd like to see posted here.

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I think individual Weapon and Warframe pages is a bad idea... it's just too much info and bouncing around.

I know you guys know more about WF than me but I think a centralized location is the best for GB right now. I'd say our priorities would be actually making the Overview useful and having descriptions for the Warframes that aren't just based on the DE manual.

A basic moves list/combat moves list would ultra useful for new folks.

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It's only more info for those who seek it. Right now it's just a mess with out of date info and nothing else.

I'd also query how relevant a moves list would be when the devs have stated that the current system isn't good enough and plan to change it, much like they've done with the nee damage 2.0 system.

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I'd also query how relevant a moves list would be when the devs have stated that the current system isn't good enough and plan to change it, much like they've done with the nee damage 2.0 system.

It would be relevant until it's changed, at which point the wiki can be updated, I'd guess. The same way that the weapons and warframe pages should be updated if an update like damage 2.0 comes up.

To be honest, I'm not fully confident that, if the GB wiki is going to keep info on all the weapons and warframes (at least to the extent it currently does), all that info will be kept up-to-date. I'm not really familiar enough with the game to help update the content, but I'll try to help out on some of the writing and editing.

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Ignoring my original post, I'm curious who recently changed the weapon section of the wiki? I wonder because there is no wiki history mentioning any changes. I'd also like to know as I planned to delete the weapons section almost entirely due to how out of date the information is, how often the game changes and how little this wiki is even updated. I'd consider not deleting it if only out of not wanting to get rid of something someone spent time on.

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I tried to change the overview, and got rejected because of a bug :(

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@rapid: How anyone edits anything on this site any more is beyond me. I've had a bunch of stuff rejected due to bugs and even when it's approved, the system sometimes fails thus resulting in barely any wiki points given even for a lot of changes. I guess something bugged after your edit though as the current weapons section actually looks like the original layout I made.