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Right now I have my TV running the direct 480p signal over component, with no AV receiver/up converter. I use game mode, warm 2, motion/mosquito/mpeg/noise/color filters off, HD color space, and sharpness zero. On the Wii, widescreen, EDTV, anti-burn in on. Wii games look great, VC games look terrible. And not just because it stretches those old classics into widescreen, I almost prefer it does cause watching 4:3 on plasma can cause burn in itself.

What settings can get me closer to what I experienced on CRT?

Or are these emulations naturally wrong, that even if I plugged my Wii over composite into a real CRT, set it to 4:3 and 480i, games still wouldn't look right?

Super Mario World has lots of frame rate hitches and songs missing notes.

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I haven't had any problems, but I haven't actually used Super Mario World. The setting you said sound good to me. On my LCD I usually prefer to change the aspect ratio to 4:3 (stretching is ugly these tv makers should think of that). For emulation yes they might be slightly off but usually come close enough for me to not complain.