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I have a few questions about the Wii to Wii-U system transfer, so if anyone has done that hopefully you can answer a few of my questions.

I would really like to get my virtual console titles at a discounted price when they're released on the Wii-U virtual console at some point, if at all. Mainly I've never played Super Metroid, which I just received for free through club Nintendo. I'd much rather play it on the Wii-U gamepad because of it's similarities to a SNES controller.

So I would like to do the system transfer, but I'm a bit apprehensive. What exactly happens to the Wii once the transfer is over? Is it essentially a Gamecube? More importantly can I choose what I actually want to transfer. I want to be able to play Super Smash Bros. Brawl with a Gamecube controller still, which is not possible on Wii-U. The simple solution would be to copy the save, but last time I checked that wasn't allowed for Brawl saves. Is there any way for me to keep just that save?

I realize this is an odd concern, but it's the only thing I actually use my Wii for other than playing virtual console and Gamecube games.

Edit: Also do the Virtual Console titles get transferred, or do you have to download them again from the Wii Shop? If so that would be a bummer, because the Donkey Kong Country series was taken down for some reason a year or so ago. So I'd lose out on Donkey Kong Country 2

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I don't remember if you have a choice on which to move, but what happens to the Wii is that it still works exactly like a Wii, just with whatever data was moved is now gone.

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From what I remember, you take a blank SD card and prepare it in the Wii U and are prompted to insert it into your Wii. Then you download a transfer channel from the Nintendo Store and watch the above cute and oddly elaborate animation. Then insert it back into the Wii U and more animation. I can't believe how much time they spent with that, yet the hour it spent downloading and installing the system software update was just a progress bar.

I'm pretty sure it warns you many times, but yeah your stuff gets moved and not copied from the Wii. I don't know what the solution to keeping a Brawl save on the Wii would be if you can't copy. Could you move it to a USB stick or second SD card before you do the transfer, then move it back maybe?