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Get "big" third party exclusives. Not only Bayonetta 2, but they should've contacted R* & Atlus on the prospect of Bully 2 and Persona 5 hmm...

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Get "big" third party exclusives. Not only Bayonetta 2, but they should've contacted R* & Atlus on the prospect of Bully 2 and Persona 5 hmm...

I'm super curious to see how big an exclusive Bayonetta 2 turns out to be. I'm not convinced that it's going to move much hardware.

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I would personally over see a Mario & Link crossover game.

Push for more digital content from the GameCube and Nintendo 64.

Connect the 3DS to the Wii U.

Promote further franchise games that cross promote Nintendo characters.

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@egg said:

Two ideas I had once:

  • - Push off-TV play more by pushing more devs to use it (maybe even retroactively patch games to support it) and by featuring it in advertisements. Maybe even try to target PS/Xbox owners with this campaign. ("Tired of having to stop playing to let someone use TV?" "Play full games on the gamepad, even online games. No fee or subscription required.") On that note I might suggest having such a commercial show the game being played using a pro controller, THEN switch to the tablet when needed. (If WiiU does not have this feature, then it should be implemented.)
  • - Advertise the fact that online play is free and doesn't require a subscription. Such an ad would obviously need to show off some examples of WiiU games that have online play... so Nintendo should probably MAKE SOME ONLINE GAMES. The most obvious example would be a new Mario Kart. (I assume a WiiU Mario kart is already being made... If so, good!)

In addition, I would have these games made:

  • - a shmup (with multiplayer... see also Aegis Wing) Up to 5 players.
  • - a port of SMB3 with updated graphics, widescreen, and simultaneous multiplayer (and remove minigames, that or replace all the minigames with new ones that aren't shitty) (maybe the minigames could be like Mario Party! A SMB3 / Mario Party hybrid.. imagine that... weird!)
  • - Star Fox combat racer
  • - F-Zero UX (GX HD) Includes these changes: AX mode (arcade mode), AX cup now one of the normal cups, new cups that use arcade/story courses such as Mute City Oval, new cups which merely reuse the existing courses albeit in different combinations (e.g. a Mute City Cup - all the Mute City courses in a row), offline multiplayer with all AI on (entire grand prix mode can be completely this way) for at least 2 players but up to 5 players (4 splitscreen, 1 gamepad) if the system can handle it. Furthermore, Cosmo Terminal course altered to be on a different planet. (or make a new planet) And remove snaking. And change the control scheme so that side-ramming can be done like on N64. (double tap L/R rather)
  • Additional possible ideas for F-Zero UX: Nix story mode altogether. Nix the car creator. Nix Cosmo Terminal and Phantom and introduce 2 all-new courses to replace them. Make it so players can change their speed/accel graph WHILE DRIVING. Remake all the course environments and add more detail. (e.g. Mute City courses have you weaving in/out of city blocks)

The last thing I might do is apologize for Wind Waker HD and proceed to delist all Zelda games.

edit: Bonus optional idea:

- reboot Metroid. "Samus" (if she is called Samus) is no longer a woman but a male or genderless android that looks like the iconic armor she wears. Morph ball will be realistic. The gameplay will be open ended and have WRPG elements. The protagonist may in fact be an human AI (such as a fallen soldier) possessing an android body. The story may draw inspiration from Avatar. (war between humans vs space-pirate-like alien race.. the player, being neither, can choose to play to either side) There may be a "morality" system.

Here's what else I'd do... this is probably very important:

- Make WiiU available in two bundles/SKUs:

1) WiiU with tablet controller (so I guess, a normal bundle)

2) WiiU with 2 Pro controllers, but no tablet controller

The latter should be bundled with one or more multiplayer games, these could be one or more of the following: Mario 3D World, NSMB U, Smash Bros 4, or some Virtual Console titles such as Mario Kart 64, and maybe even some Wii or Gamecube ports, or the aforementioned game ideas such as F-Zero UX.

The former could be bundled with some single player game that supports off-TV play.

The other thing I'd do is redesign the Pro controller:

The top (in the image) is the current Pro controller, the other 2 are examples of revisions. (the revised controllers are identical aside from shortened grips.. but a real life revision might introduce other changes as well) I would probably have the controller redesigned to resembled the bottom-most version.

One last idea I had is to discontinue all white versions of WiiU systems and accessories, thereby focusing WiiU's image as black. The focus to black has several intended purposes: The main purpose is to make WiiU sexy, the other purpose is to diminish the image that WiiU is just an add-on to the Wii.

One other current problem with WiiU is that it uses Wii remotes, which can be subconsciously perceived as baggage. (WiiU comes bundled with Nintendoland, which requires Wii remotes) (This can dissuade non-Wii-owners, and may be perceived negatively even by Wii owners) WiiU needs to be 100 percent focused/marketed as a standalone product.

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ok wait. even better idea.

Sell the WiiU with a Pro Controller for $199.99 (no tablet controller included)

bundle a game as well (not NintendoLand. That game probably has to be dropped altogether since it requires Wii remotes.)

This is by no means dropping the tablet controller. It will simply be sold separately and be primarily marketed for two purposes: 1) off-TV play (but of course) and 2) multiplayer (one person on TV, one person on tablet)This solves another problem with the WiiU, which is that devs don't know what to do with the tablet controller, or why they are developing for the WiiU in the first place. Can't really blame them either. (Another problem with WiiU is assymetrical multiplayer which is suicidal marketing and probably as broken a concept in practice. "I'll do X, you do Y... so interactive! We're interacting right? HANDS OFF MY TABLET CONTROLLER YOU PEON" But you can't really blame Nintendo for this blunder since it has never really been attempted before.)

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@professoress: me neither, that's why they should've went a little more out of their way for exclusives. Hell, Persona 5 probably would've been enough to have the GB community all armed with Wii Us.

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